Was flying my Mini 3 Pro around Craig-y-Nos Castle in the Swansea Valley, stunning place to photograph. Landed safely put drone away into my backpack, took out my DSLR to photograph the front of Castle . I was stood opposite on a very wide grass verge well away from the road on a slope up towards a fenced field. Put camera to my eye and was taking photographs when a terrific thump on my back and J went down on all fours, turned around expecting to be confronted by a hobo / thief but instead a horse had my backpack in its mouth and was flinging it back and fore, drone went one way batteries another, all my equipment went flying through the air. I fought with this flipping horse to retrieve my backpack which I did but it then started licking and nuzzling all my bits and pieces. Three drone batteries in the charger pack in its teeth , with me slapping horses face and pulling on the pack I managed to get them out of its mouth. It then had the flipping cheek to just stand there with a grin on its face looking at me. My pal I go out flying with was rolling on the floor laughing. After calming down , drone and batteries checked out ok. My Nikon D800 that was in the backpack was ok in fact all my drone and photography equipment was ok, but my backpack suffered rips and tears also the amount of gunge that came from horses nose and mouth was disgusting. Cheers Len


Pity your mate didn’t get any photos……


… or video! :+1:


Might have thought you were stealing it’s nose bag :neutral_face:.

Yeah why didn’t your mate video it :joy:

Imagine the expression on the horse’s face if it had bitten down hard on a set of Lipos!

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I think that would be called “lipofuction”. ?

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Only one thing to do when being mugged by a horse

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Not speaking to my ex maté anymore for not coming to my rescue. Seriously he was still flying and his drone was other side of castle. Moral of story is to check any fields near where you are flying for deranged horses, cheers Len

At least it was a happy ending :grinning:

I moved the horse pictured here to keep it all together :wink:

This whole story has made me laugh this morning as at first, I was thinking some scumbag had done one with your drone :grinning:


While I am sure it was a most unpleasant experience, it did give me a giggle. Glad all was ok in the end.

But you need to re evaluate your friendship as they didn’t get it on video :joy:

Nothing better then a happy ending. :sunglasses:

Thanks Leonard needed a laugh after a mid-day game :joy:

Was taking photos of an obelisk today that had a horse and a pig in the field. Was crouched down when the horse scared the shit out of me by coming right next to me. Thankfully he didn’t have a taste for my backpack.

Best laugh had for ages

At least you were in the most appropriate position.

Was the police officer sat on the back of it trying to control it at all? :joy:

Cheers - Rob

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Everybody seems to have an opinion on drones these days, so why not horses. I have had one or two crows being very negative about my flying. You wait until a buzzard rounds up his mates to express displeasure about you invading their airspace…
In the event of an insurance claim I would have loved to have been in the insurance agents office when the letter outling the claim was opened.

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Nice one Len ,did you ask it why the long face ,so glad it didn’t manage to chomp through the batteries though ,that would have been a very unpleasant experience for the horse ,glad your equipment survived as well take care OMM

just a bit of horse play.

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