My best attempt yet at Tiny Planet

These work a lot better when you have something tall as a foreground and lots of flat bits around it

From the original pano taken today, the farmers bonfire was the original plan but didn’t work out


I like it - especially the way the cooling towers protrude out of the “planet” :+1::+1::+1:

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I always loved this tiny planet of yours : Drax Power - Tiny Planet


Cheers, sky better today and the fields greener.

I think i need to be right on the perimeter fence again to see if I can better the 2 ;o)

With the right positioning and amount of TP … and up the other way … it could look like a power station lollipop. :wink:

You probably need to be 50.0000001m from everything. :rofl:

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Close! The chimney needs to be larger. :wink:

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Kojak planet ??? :rofl::rofl::rofl:

This is better …. but I think it needs to be taken again to get the best effect …

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Now thats a kojak planet,who loves yer baby !!:rofl::rofl:


Chances are, to get the ultimate lollipop, you’d have to get permission from Drax to get into the necessary position … or to be the messiah … I mean … a very naughty boy!

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yup,thats probably me then !!!:wink::wink:

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It would be SO tempting ….

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I like this amazing picture now:+1::+1:

Can you do these tiny planets with the Phantom 4?

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Yes of course , it’s a normal pano uploaded to Kuula and they do the tiny planet bit.

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