My day yesterday

So the other day I had a play about with video and drone settings, a learning curve as I’ve never really done video before.

Yep! I watched the YouTube vids on how too’s and set drone up the results of this is evident in the video but none of the settings stayed as I set them (in P mode) it may be a problem with the update so will re-install it and see, anyway on to yesterday!

Vid was shot using HEVC h265 at 25fps? And 8nd filter.

So loaded into power director 17 ( which I’m also new to) and added colour saturation to what seemed right ( as to how to cut and splice that defies me at the minute. ) :rofl:

Every time I tried to produce, the pc locked up and crashed, :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: so after to and fro with bios settings I finally got it to run, only a couple of minute vid and it produced in about 5 minutes, so from there had a go at uploading to YouTube, uh oh! Internet ***BT 38kb/sec upload speed so after 5.5hrs it Finally finished. ( unhappy phone call to BT today I think)

Viewed it and well! You can see the result ( lots of practice needed )

So this little bit of vid took from early am till around 9 pm to finalise on YouTube and that was my day sorted.

Now keen to get these settings right and time to read power director manual. :thinking:

So here it is, please any input even if you find it offensive to videography.


“Private Video” :wink: Just a few YouTube setting to master, too. :wink:


:rofl::rofl: just getting that sorted :flushed:


Working now!

Watching now. :+1:

Great effort Rob, my first thoughts are to slow the Yaw rate down, and Gimbal up/down speed.
This will make the movements of the drone slow down when you turn, and also the speed that the gimbal moves up and down.
You could have used the Follow Me Mode that would have helped to keep the Longboat in the frame.
Also Tripod Mode would automatically have slowed all your movements down.
It is all down to what your personal preferences are at the time.
Not being critical at all, just trying to throw you a few ideas that may be worth experimenting with.

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Hi Chris, I suppose I should use tripod but I was trying to set up drone in P mode but the settings were not staying at what I set it to, reinstalling the update today to see if that was the problem.
As for the editing, in the viewer panel everything that was moving seemed to have a ripple to it , whilst getting rid of the ripple it seemed to wash out some of the colour but it doesn’t show the ripple in final vid?
Easy to see newbie to videography and uploading vids to youtube:rofl::rofl:

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Good start @robwakefield99, tripod is always useful but really practice fluidity in P mode as you may find tripod too slow for some things.

Colour wise we’ve gone back to the DJI settings as colours are great

All takes practice, I’ve been flying a lot this year and still jittery

Keep at it


@robwakefield99 :+1:

I got fed up of waiting for my videos to render, bought a gaming laptop (Alienware MX18 32Gig with upgraded bits rans at 4.2Ghz) chews 4K video with barely breaking a sweat.

Just saying so you know your drone will be eating your wallet…:see_no_evil:


Trouble was pc was set up for competitive benchmarking not real world editing, two different worlds :wink:
I won’t be spending more in that area, I built it to handle anything?
R6E mobo, i9-7980 cpu, 64gig quad Chanel mem, Titan V and Rtx 2080ti gpu’s, 3tb nvme ssd, dual water cooling through chiller and 37” 4K monitor, a bargain at 12k :flushed: ( an extravagant whim, still having nightmares on cost)
Drone wise could hit the wallet, if it can get past the cobwebs in there :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Nice :+1:


WoW beauty and the beast…:+1:
I hook-up the Alienware to a 65” Panasonic 4K OLED, killed two birds with one wallet visit…:grin:


Just bought a paladin gaming pc/workstation,hoping this will chew through 4k video
specs are INTEL I9 with water cooling, NVIDIA Geforce RTX 2080 Ti Xtreme Graphics,32 gig ram,2tb and 500gb ssds,plus 2 standard 8tb hardrives for storage… my wallet is not thanking me…:rofl::rofl::rofl::+1:

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I’ve always gone for Panasonic quality, been looking at the OLED to replace my plasma but not sure I can justify it with the way our eye sight is here! :rofl:

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Nice one!:+1:
The only thing not thanking me is the wife :japanese_ogre: :rofl::rofl:

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wot one does not know about,won does not worry about…I hope it stays that way…:wink::yum::rofl:

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Reason for mine, I owe her indoors, her toys are like making cards, balances the books in arguments as my Inspire 2 kit cost more than the TV, I sit 22 ft from the wall mount and our eyes struggled to watch a 47”.
The Panasonic has pre calibrated modes, the best.

THX Cinema on the Panasonic reproduces the exact quality the film director intended, sound is pumped through 12 Technics Blade built in speakers and when I power up the home cinema, hit the microwave popcorn, can of larger and not forgetting her holding my hand, it’s back to cinema days of our youth…:crazy_face:

All played on Xbox-X

I rarely by video CD, but I was blown away by the 4K version of Avengers Endgame and AVATAR on this Panasonic.

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