My delve in to the world of the DJI Inspire

There’s nothing there that matches these connectors Dave, the barrel has a tiny pin in the middle of it too (not a great photo):

But fear not, I made some :blush:

I don’t have terminal caps? But mine came with full size dust covers that fit over each bay - which I’ve not seen before either :man_shrugging:


Could you take a couple of pics Rich? Perhaps I could print myself some of those.

@PingSpike :point_up:

There’s a pic showing them fitted in the previous post, and a few close ups of them removed:

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Thank you Rich @PingSpike
Well that is why we have never seen these before because they are 3D printed.
I wonder if the STL is floating around somewhere for these.
If not I think I might be able to copy them.


No idea if SPC are shipping them with new chargers, or if the guy I bought the charger from printed them himself :man_shrugging:

Shout if you find an STL :+1:t2:


Well, I made another Inspire 1 related purchase recently…


You guessed it!!!

I’ve bought…

An empty box :rofl:

Why have I bought an empty Zenmuse X5 hard shell case? :thinking:

It’s all part of my longer term exit stragegy.

When I bought the X5 camera it was part of a complete Osmo Pro kit so it didn’t actually come with a traditional Zenmuse hard shell case like the X3, Z3, etc do when bought on their own.

When I sell my Inspire 1 kit, I plan on selling the drone with the X3 attached, and selling the Z3 and X5 cameras on their own.

Shipping a X5 without a hard case would be tricky to pack well. Plus, for whatever reason, second hand stuff fetches more on eBay if it’s boxed :thinking:

So there we have it, my latest purchase was somewhat empty :blush:

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“Don’t look at the empty box!!!”
“But it’s sooooo beautiful!”


Like a moth to a flame eh? :rofl:


Remember the Osmo Pro case I had left over from a few months ago?

I finally took the plunge.

The old DJI case with new pick’n’pluck foam has today been transformed in to a Zenmuse camera case for the Inspire.

Here’s how it looks, top left is X3, top right is Z3, bottom centre is X5:

I could have squeezed them closer together, but as I didn’t have anything else to put in here I thought I’d leave them well spaced for some added protection.

Sorted :+1:t2:


Very neat,and an excellent way to reuse a case.I like it…:+1::+1:

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As in “have empty case … buy lenses to fill space”? :wink:


you need to leave space for an X7




Upgraded the motors and ESCs to fully convert my Inspire 1 v1 in to an Inspire 1 v2.

How to guide for the mod: How to guide: Mod / Upgrade the motors and ESCs on an Inspire 1 v1 to make it an Inspire 1 v2

Albeit 18 months later, I think you might be right :blush:

Any other carbon alternatives to consider, or should I just go for the T-Motors?

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I have no idea sorry Rich, I’m not even sure I’ve used the Inspire in this time :frowning_face:

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I have also delved into the Inspire world. Just taken delivery of a little used Inspire 2. Plenty of props most unused but I may have a look at the fold-able carbon fibre ones as I am used to leaving props on and am a bit lazy. No just very lazy. May need a bit of foam cutting in the massive case. I had no idea the case was going to be so big. Will take up a big wodge of space in the Cupra Ateca boot.

8 x TB50 batteries

1 x GPC professional case

1 x Original Inspire 2 case

1 x Zenmuse X5s camera with case

1 x Zenmuse 15mm lens

1 x Panasonic LUMIX Power Zoom lens

2 x Cendence Professional Controllers (these are literally new)

2 x CrystalSky 7.8"

1 x Patch Antenna

2 x DJI Multilink- longer range link between master and slave

4 x WB37 Batteries

2 x DJI Chargers

2 x GPC Crystal Sky / Cendence cases

Good job the weather is bad as it gives me time to check everything out before venturing out. Definitely a 2 person set up for me. No shortage of camera operators for the slave controller amongst my group. It has a patch antennae fitted. Not sure I will find that useful for my usage and not sure why it should be on the slave rather than the master anyway.
Time to curl up with the manual!


By the heck John it sounds like you need a removals van never mind a big case with that little lot :rofl:

Any other carbon alternatives to consider, or should I just go for the T-Motors?

These may be of interest

Pricey as are the T-motors. They are not subject to import duty as although of Swiss origin will be posted as EU product so Koptermax say so if ordered before Boris takes us out completely will just cost a hefty postage of circa £20 whereas AmericanT-motors postage + import duty is eye watering.

On the other hand I haven’t even got my Inspire out of the case yet and there are plenty of props to go on with when the weather relents if ever. But the thought of leaving the props on for a lazy b***** like me is tempting even if wallet emptying.