My delve in to the world of the DJI Inspire


Throttle Up/Down 0.40
Rudder Right/Left 0.40
Forward/Right, Backward/Left 0.40

Attitude 100
Brake 100
Yaw Movement Limit 150

Gain Settings
All @ 100

Advanced Settings
Gimbal Pitch Speed 12
Gimbal Yaw Speed 50
Gimbal Yaw Smoothness 20
Gimbal Pitch Smoothness 8

Hope this is of some help, I’ve all day and had forgotten about it until I read your post again, got a lot on my mind at the moment sorry :blush:




@PingSpike really enjoyed reading this one! Glad your gamble paid off!

I often find myself looking at these on eBay and have to slap myself!

So… Verdict? Is it a must have purchase? How’s the footage? Can you tell the difference from afar the Mavic shoots?



Or by a rally car … when DJI pilots are the ones flying it!


Does it work? If it does I’ll pop round for a slap


Thanks @MementoMori I shall try these out!

You’re probably quite right… :rofl:

Thanks mate, good to know :blush:

Depends on how badly you suffer from gadget-itis I guess?

The prices are really coming down on eBay so if you can grab a bargain, I’d say “why not!” :slight_smile:

Beware the batteries though, make sure it comes with a couple at least, they are horrendously expensive new, and non-existent second hand!

The footage from the Zenmuse X3 is fine mate - as mentioned above the gimbal is crazy solid, no matter how aggressive you are in flight!

In terms of picture and video quality?

My untrained eye cannot tell the difference. Someone else possibly could?

Which perhaps makes me think this is no replacement for the Mavic Pro if what you’re looking for is improved captures. Coming from an Air, perhaps? Wind stability is significantly improved.

Early days yet though, I’ve only flown it for an hour so far :blush:


No problem, happy to help.
Let me know how different yours are.


Lovely story mate you remind me of me !!!. Do keep us updated specially when you get it in the air Id love to hear how you transition from a Mavic as Id like to do just that some day.


That :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: accessory-itis has kicked in already :rage:

I promised myself I wouldn’t catch this bug for the Inspire too :roll_eyes:

You’ll note this says Z3 at the top of the page, rather than X3…

Details to follow…


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Is that you just realising mate?


I wonder who’s bought a new camera :thinking:


Catch the bug? You’ve got it and it spreads through forums.
I’ve got it and it’s therapeutic to feed it, I think :thinking:

On another note:


Um… :blush:

So yet another eBay bargain came my way.

I won’t go in to the details of the acquisition but suffice to say the seller didn’t know the difference between the X3 and the Z3. And they sure as hell weren’t aware of the price difference :open_mouth:

The ‘regular’ Inspire 1 ships with the Zenmuse X3, on par with that of the Mavic Pro :+1:

DJI also make a Z3, with the ‘Z’ standing for ‘Zoom’.

DJI promote the Z3 camera as offering a 7x zoom level.

Strangely though, it’s spilt.

The 7X zoom is made by pairing a 3.5x optical zoom with a 2x digital zoom.

Weird, eh? Why not just sell it as what it is, a 3.5x optical zoom? Anyway…

DJI also market the x2 digital zoom as being ‘lossless’, which in my brief back garden tests today, I’d strangely have to agree with.

The Z3 camera (vs the X3) also features the same Sony 1/2.3" sensor as the Inspire 1 V2.0 and the Phantom 4. The lens is 22–77mm Equivalent F2.8 (Wide) vs the X3 20mm (35mm format equivalent).

Anyway, never mind the specs! On to the real world observations :slight_smile:

The Z3 is physically larger than the X3. The case is disproportionately larger!

However, DJI clearly planned this as by taking out a piece of removable foam from the case, the Z3 box fits perfectly.

Some more camera size comparisons:

And when fitted to the Inspire, the ground clearance is also notably reduced (sorry, bad angles):

You’ll need a landing pad.

Um… one that it’ll fit on :wink:

Another immediate observation, that of additional buttons in the GO app!

I now have a green ‘focus’ box! The X3 doesn’t have auto-focus… So I can now touch anywhere on the screen to focus on the that area, exactly like the Mavic Pro does :+1: :clap:

Taping on the green box icon switches modes back to the traditional ‘Exposure’ mode that the X3 has.

You’ll also note two extra buttons the ‘T’ and the ‘W’ - these control the zoom level, just hold your finger on the relevant button to zoom in or out:

Clever shit :+1:

Here are some zoom examples for you. They are screen shots from the CSU, not from the SD card so ignore the quality :wink:

Sat on the floor of the garden, no zoom:

Then zoomed in approx half way:

And finally, the full x7 zoom:

I’ll do a better zoom comparison next time I have it up in the air, but so far, I’m pretty impressed. Especially now I have the familiar ‘tap screen to focus on area’ :+1:


Your on a roll with the ebay deals mate!

Maybe when your broke you can post some up for the rest of us. :rofl:


I’m glad I had my @PingSpike-itis inoculations recently …


Tell me about it! Takes a while though, patience and restraint are most definitely required :wink:

I’m not sure @callum has! I can hear the eBay searches from here :rofl:


Really looking forward to see what changes when this bit kicks in! :stuck_out_tongue:


Damn, I was being so quiet as well. :wink:


Maybe there should be some sort of Drones Anonymous…

‘My name’s @PingSpike and I own a drone… or two… or three’