My delve in to the world of the DJI Inspire


I think it would be easier to say

My name is @PingSpike and I have a fleet of drones,

You are really good at this eBay thing. I never find great deals…


Nice find, for clearance why don’t you look for the feet extenders, they stick on the bottom of the existing feet to give more clearance for the X3 to X5 conversion.
I’m staying out of this fleet of drones conversation :smiley:


Yours is more like a DJI showroom mate :rofl:


There’s one on top of The Needles Lighthouse … :+1:


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


At last, I’m all caught up on this thread. I’ve been a bit sidetracked by two beer festivals and a wedding. :ok_hand:

Perhaps I should have used sidelined. LOL


Does that Z3 have variable aperture?


No mate :slightly_frowning_face:

I think you may need to stump up the wrong side of £1k for a X5 series?


Was thinking of the potential for small depth of field creating pdeudo shift/tilt.
Anyway - I’m not stumping up anything … but remember to let me know how good the X5 is when you find a “cheap” one on eBay! :wink:


So what’s happened I get the bug looking for an inspire
One here if anyone’s interested ends in three hours from this post going up


Bet that goes for at least £1200 with the x5.


It’s at £720 atm


Be interesting to see what it goes for.


£821 - 90 minutes to go!


The X5 is worth silly money on it’s own (believe me, I’m looking :roll_eyes:)

If anyone here buys that kit and wants to part out the X5 on it’s own, give me a shout eh? :+1:

Btw, since getting the Z3 camera, I now funnily enough have a mint condition X3 for sale :wink:


Some time after I bought my Inspire 1 v2 I considered upgrading to the X5 and one of the salesmen said that if I bought it I would have to make money from it, I.e. commercially (sound advice). Or stick with what I had.

Of course having G.A.S. I ignored him, bought it and then with the ability to change lenses added 3 Olympus ones “for the flexibility” (as I told myself).

TBH I should have left it as a I 1 v2 and saved myself a ton of cash - but, hey, if you have G.A.S. you’re hooked.


As soon as I read that I realised something - the X5 is Micro-Four-Thirds … I have an MFT camera - and MFT lenses ……

“Don’t look at the light!!!”
“But is SOOO beautiful!!”
#BugsLife #GASLife


It went for £1100 …


Another eBay deal came my way :blush:

This time in the shape of some Polar Pro ND filters.

I thought I’d share some details of the fitment of X3 filters on the Z3 camera, as there are noticeable differences.

First up, some side by side comparisons.

Pay close attention to the bezels on each, which holds a clear removable glass lens ‘cover’. Z3 on the left, X3 on the right.

Z3 with the bezel removed, ready to screw on the ND filter:

X3, bezel removed:

The Z3, with a Polar Pro filter attached:

While it screws on tight and with no issues, there is a very small gap around the outside, between the filter and the camera body:

The gap is more noticeable from the front. However it doesn’t let anything in, as in, no dust or dirt is able to get inside the camera.

And for reference, with the original bezel back in place:

So the answer is yes, the X3 filters do also fit the Z3 camera :+1:

A minor mod was also required to the Z3 case, in order to leave a filter on, just a few mm needed to be shaved off the foam to allow for the deeper Polar Pro filter.

Sorted :+1:


Now then, it’s been a few days since I posted here, update time :slight_smile:

I bring good news!

Our good friend and overall modding guru digdat0 has published a quick “How to” on YouTube today.

Funnily enough, his latest how-to is all about modding the Inspire 1 :+1:

Perhaps even more coincidentally, his example video here is for modding the v1.2.1.06 firmware on the Inspire 1. Which also funnily enough just so happens to be the exact same firmware that I’m running :thinking:

I’ll let you know the outcome in a week or twos time as my i1 is still in 101 pieces for another mod (more on that later), but these parameter changes are appealing to say the least:

That’ll bring my Inspire mods right on par with my Mavic Pro mods too :+1:

It also means I’ll be back soon to challenge @MementoMori for his current 62.3MPH slot on the speed limit thread soon :grimacing:

Getting back to the parameter hacks then.

The principal is basically the same as changing the Mavic Pro parameters, the only problem is you can’t use DJI Assistant to get to them, you need to extract the full .bin firmware, manually edit a text file which contains all the parameters, then recompile the .bin and then perform a ‘normal’ firmware update on the Inspire 1.

As mentioned in his video, the tools to do all this are our there (requires Python and Java to be installed) already -

Anyway, I’ll let you know how it goes in a week to twos time when I’m re-assembled!