My favourite church for glorious shots

No I’m not some religious person but I do love a church. Took this one today before the wind picked up too bad…St Lawrence Church in St Lawrence, Essex.


Nice shot. Looks like a great flying area, lots of open space. Any problems?

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It’s a superb flying area and I was very lucky with it…I asked the Vicar of the Church for permission to fly it and he’s all good with it. I was also lucky to get permission off the farm who owns all the land in the pic and a load more off view that I could fly there too. Very pretty area which leads right down the River Blackwater so I have a very varied playground. You guys will be seeing quite a bit of it over the next few moths.

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Cool photo! Look forward to seeing more :grin:

This is a shot of a church 100 yards from my house… i was trying out the Drone, following the mods i made after @ziceman putting the fear of death into me… But all good… though i did have a no signal issue for a bit.?? but looking forward to going further into my town, as have quite a few landmarks i would like to photo…
the 2nd one is of the area “out back of my house…” i think with the Big hill out back i can safely fly below the height of that… (400m) ?


Lol :rofl:

Cool pics though :+1:

@Cobblers lol im glad it worked out for you and tbh really i probably go back to mod the bird again lol, i will definitely put my details on the drone and a tracker in the future.

enjoy seeing other peoples pictures, @Cobblers your second picture is great how you managed to get focal point and cloud definition as clouds get lost in alot of pictures if you do not pay attention, Raw pic on @JayForceOne and @Cobblers be fantastic in Adobe Photoshop for another program.