My first drone video 😬

Hi all, this was my first proper flight since buying the Mini 2.
I was impressed with the camera quality so decided to put a little video together.
Please be kind it’s my first drone vid and shot in auto.


@Mike-B moved your post to the Videos by drone section :+1:t2:


I’m not on Instagram, but when I click your link I get the following error:

This Account is Private


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Dean the mod! :grin:


Also you’re better off uploading to youtube instead of Instagram as nobody can view your video unless they follow you because your account is private :+1:t2:

Just doing my bit mate :ok_hand:t2:

I’ll sort that out :+1:

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Also this forum is extremely clever and if you copy the link of a YouTube video and paste into your post on a line of it’s own then the forum will produce a nice little mini player so that people don’t need to leave the forum to watch the video :ok_hand:t2:

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New link above :point_up_2:


Awesome video, enjoyed that very smooth was willing for more footage of the lake though :+1:t2:

I’ve not been over water yet :crazy_face:

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Look forward to the updated video :wink:

:grimacing: I’ve got just the spot to fly over water :sweat_drops:
I’m building up the courage

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Not wishing to be overly critical, but annoyed that its about 2000% better than my first Video. Well done mate … keep up the good work. Stu


Thanks Stu :grimacing::+1:

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Most welcome Mike, a excellent Vid… Well done.

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Well done on the fields I was out shooting the same yellow fields this weekend. Its amazing how quickly tou start being picky about which filed is best, density of the blooms. How the tractor mar,s spoi. The view. Like your cloud reflections the water it must have been great day for flying

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Hi @Bobby
It was a lovely day, unfortunately I didn’t really see the reflections due to the fact I was concentrating so hard to not crash on the drone ha ha

Its just like my underwater video you never see all you have until you use the big screen then in your case the reflections pop

Excellent video Mike.
Am I safe in assuming that this is not the very first video that you have compiled in post production ?
Very smooth action and stunning scenery.