My first flight with M2 zoom


I’ll try again as my link didn’t work so uploaded to YouTube now, was more about getting to know ho to fly as first time I’ve used a drone :slight_smile:
Classic mistake I almost a full battery before I remembered to put it on record lol


Hello Tim, I do a bit of Laning myself, but on 2 wheels.
Look forward to seeing some footage of V8 Landys getting stuck in the Sh#t, whilst a rusty old Jimny sails through like it was nothing :rofl:


You can probably guess what I drive lol a big old brute land cruiser although there is quite a lot of land rovers that I go out with :smile:


Haa, I used to have a series 1a, swapped it for an L200, but that was too long for the Welsh Lanes
If you lads are ever down South Wales way I could mark up a map for for you


Cheers for that we do get round that area at least once a year, our club is the lowrangers


Looks good like how you tried the dolly zoom only thing I noticed and have to mention it when flying towards a slight incline remember to go up…

Ok really the main question how much did you enjoy it?


Loved it, was in beginner mode for about a minute then switched out of it, didn’t get the first part of my flights as forgot to press record lol, didn’t try any effects only played with the zoom :slight_smile:
Had a go in sport mode as well


Second flight and had a bit of a play