My first flight

Decided to get out of the house, and get as far away from anything as I could for my first flight ever but spent so much time getting to grips with the flying and camera settings didn’t take many pics! Couple from my trip today


Nice! I like the bottom one.

first of many I can imagine. It’s an addictive hobby!


One man and his hobby!


I can vouch for that. I got my drone around a month ago and I’m well and truly hooked :grin:

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Nice pics Jeff I like the winding Road and stream through the hillside :+1:t2:

Looks like you found a good spot!

I’ve been working from home since March and I think this was the first chance I had to get out and about so I got to enjoy the day out, figure out flying and the different camera settings, did the usual, fly up and point camera straight down then once I got comfortable with drone started looking around for better shots :slight_smile:

Have to say though the first take off, flight and landing was a bit nerve-wracking but after a bit of practice got to grips with basics at least. Next flight will take a bit more time to actually take pics!

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Poonode yeah I have only been flying month’s. So fairly new to droning too and when I started i was nervous. After advice by people on here and flying more. I got much better and alot more confident and a good teacher told me trust the technology. fly as safe as you can thats all you can do.
You’ll be fine. Photos look good :+1: so well done.

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