My first RUD

The rain finally stopped. I took my drone from the back of the car, plugged everything in, and away she went. I chatted to a nice couple out for a walk and they were interested. I flew around for 5 mins or so, then, at about 12m altitude a big wobble, a flip, and a pancake!
It landed flat upside down, breaking the GPS mast and twisting one of the arm brackets.
Everything else seems intact and I am going to look at the telemetry to see if I can get an idea of what happened. But my feeling is that because I am using stock PIDs, it just got into a situation it wasn’t tuned for and plummeted!
The mast is easily replaceable, but the bracket might be a challenge. Maybe a hammer can flatten it out, but it’s aluminium, so I don’t know how weak it’ll make it.

Really sorry to hear this, especially after everything else you’ve endured.

From your description of events it sounds more like one of the motors stalled. This could be due to a poor connection on one of the three phases of a motor, or even a prop nut working loose.

I had a similar incident a few years back. The quad had been happily sat in a hover for about a minute when it suddenly flipped and tumbled to the ground. It took a while to find the fault which, turned out to be a poor and intermittent connection at the point where one of the three wires of one of the motors was attached to one of the three windings, i.e a manufacturing defect.

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Yeah I wouldnt have thought this was a PID related thing, I flew around for 3 mins on a prop that only had 1 blade left after a crash yesterday, other than the noise couldn’t tell the difference.

As Nidge says, most likely a stalled motor

I had a similar event recently, which turned out to be a loose connector plug on the cable between the FC and the ESC which stopped the front left motor while in flight - fortunately it had caused the drone to just wobble a bit before finally failing so I had time to reduce altitude before it completely failed.

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