My first video and 2nd flight

My second time out with the Mavic Air and my first edited video. This was around 7:30 - 8pm in the evening


For only your second flight that’s really good.

You must have bigger balls than me to fly over water so early on in your drone flying career - it took me ages before I could risk it and I clearly remember my arse going half a crown and sixpence (for us oldies) when I did.

This Norfolk mate, we only have water, no hills, mountains or valleys, just water :wink: And the wife would have been in there before me if it had come down


Nice one @Paul_M :smiley:

I’m with @BCF on this though, it took me bloody ages before I dared fly out over water… I have no idea what I thought may happen, but I wasn’t keen on the idea for a good few months :blush:

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