My first video. Dunstanburgh Castle

Hope you all like my first drone film I have published…

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Very nice, luck for some eh! all I have around here is cow pats and sheep!:thinking:

Oh it’s not near me. I went to visit my bro in Alnwick 230 miles from me lol. Hot some great footage while I was up there

Looooveeee the textures in the weathered stonework @ 2:51!!!

Nice one @Proteous :smiley:

A bit of feedback if I may?

You might want to turn down the white-balance on the camera settings, at a guess it was set to Auto? Looks a little too bright in places.

Great first job though mate, congrats :+1: :smiley:

Heya PingSpike, Thanks for feedback. Its actually worse than auto… The day before i had been recording in much cloudier weather and i completely forgot to set my WB back to my previous settings thats why its a little bright and over exposed in places… Its always the little errors like that which trip me up.

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Nothings worse than auto white balance mate, on the wrong setting (cloudy or sunny) its all wrong and you can easily correct it in editing software but in auto it changes all over the place and a nightmare to keep the same look.

Its still good footage. Like it.

If anything a little over exposed and your losing detail in the highlights but a great first attempt.

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