My hydro dipped DJI Inspire


Wow, seriously, that is really nice. You have been busy.
Looking forward to seeing it when we meet up for a fly round.


Have you flown your beast yet Mick
@PingSpike well rich you should be very proud of your choice of paint job
If DJI had actually made the covers out of carbon fibre whold it go any faster having less weight (just a thought)


ABS plastic is actually lighter than carbon fibre believe it or not.

Strength and rigidity is where CF shines.


Since the speed is GPS/Firmware limited the materials/weight would make zero difference to top speed.


The arms of the Inspire are made of carbon fibre :+1:

Which is why I really wasn’t keen on the white body, it was almost an afterthought by DJI !

Which brings me to my next Inspire mod - firmware!! :rofl:

I’ll post the details in my other Inspire thread in a week or so when complete :wink:


@sparkman999 Not flown my Inspire 2 yet, other than when I bought it. Crap weather.
Love the look of the hydro dip though, especially the way it covers.


Come on Rich, tell the truth, how many screws had you left over when you rebuilt it! I always have at least one!:slight_smile:


It looks amazing :drooling_face:


Proper job that, i would love to have a hydro dipped Mavic!


I keep looking at mine and, with the experience/knowledge of only going as far as replacing the gimbal, it’s just such a load of work!

Had thought of rummaging on ebay until I can collect all the external parts, getting those done, and then moving everything across.


I am one of those people who always seems to have bad luck when it comes to hardware, especially computer hardware… I managed to kill a motherboard in the boot of my car whilst it was inside the case! Drove about 25 miles :rofl:

I don’t think i trust myself to strip down my Mavic!

I reckon you should do it though :wink:


That looks fantastic @PingSpike, I so want to do mine now but don’t want to be a copycat.
An Inspak carbon case would finish that off lovely, so much easier to put away without putting it in travel mode and removing the camera :wink:


Lol, that sounds like you’re trying to sell me an Inspak case :blush:

They’re handy for being able to keep the landing gear down but the X5 case isn’t big enough to also hold the 180W charger block, charging hub, CrystalSky, filters, and all the other goodies :slight_smile:

I’m still using the DJI “suitcase” that it came with, not seen anything bigger or better! (yet)



Thankfully Peter, none :blush:


Not a chance, I love mine.
I can get more in mine than the standard case, it will take the X5 fitted with landing gear down, 7 batteries, 2 controllers, filters etc.
I carry my iPad 9.7 in my Manfrotto D1 with the P4P and MP, I leave my chargers home.


Sound like you both need one of these too