My little mate

My little mate helps me when the Black Dog visits.


Mine is a bit bigger but helps just the same… if you ever need someone to talk to look up Sapper Support… 24hr phone and text manned by veterans


Thank you bro, much appreciated, Stay Safe. Health Wishes.

What a fabulous expression you caught there @tankie1rtr !

our ‘big mate’ keeps me sane… (maine coon 19lbs!)

he lets me be and doesn’t judge… great to come home to… my first words are usually… ‘where’s the cat?’

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They are beautiful mate, I had 2 Maine Coons, they were both brothers, at the age of 11 years old Bozley, developed an unoperable Stoach Tumour, so he had to be put to sleep, Thomas pines away and 2 months later the vet said, “its time to ket him go” I was and still am very heartbroken and that was 8 yrs ago, they were both Tabby Coloured. They are the most Gentle, Lovingest, Softest cat in the world, I wish yours a long life my friend, and you also.



Feel for you… we have had a couple of losses and we always say never again and a year later were looking after another coon. Our previous car lasted nearly 21 yrs. When Someone says ‘he’s had a good innings’ doesn’t help at all with the loss.
On a brighter note…I see yours liked the back of the settee too. Ours likes being high up. Has a favourite place for a couple of weeks and then changes it.

I hope you can get some peace to my friend… It is worth a lot to us.

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Thank you so very much, people who have nod had the privelage of owning a Coon will never know what they are like and they are missing one of the worlds most beautiful Cats. what you said means so much, It will be nice to keep in touch having something so very precious, Health Wishes to you and yours.

of course…

no problem :smiley_cat:

Our coon… found a quiet place…

He’s our third white Maine over the last 38 years.


Yes they are amazing cats, here’s our “little mate” back in 2009. . . .

And fast forward to 2019. . . . .

A right character, loves banana milkshake, marmite and will sit in front of you with the feed me look on his face when you’re trying to eat a Kebab. . . . :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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He is beautiful, I just love Coons, mine suffered with colitis, painful for him, but I believe that the Coons are susceptible to it. I got my pc sorted, I got onto my support team and they told me it was a problem with the others computers, so I phoned them and told them, so they mended it from their end.

They are wonderful cats, I still miss our 2, and they have a character that no other cats I have ever known have.

in the beginning it was a toss up between a Coon or Rag Doll. Never had a Rag Doll so will never know the difference.

However all of our coons have followed us around the house. If we disappear for a time they just have to go looking for us. Yet each one had a definite character.

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I love the way they trill instead of meowing, and if they sit on the windowsill and see the birds, they start chattering lol

What is your coon called ?


he has got some strange sounds … especially the chattering at birds beyond the window

cat’s name…? don’t laugh… Sooty (They have all been called Sooty)

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Lol, Sooty, I creased up at that, lovely.

How is little mate in this weather?

I know cats are ‘cool’ but… LOL

Hello Matey.
Well we booked 10 days holiday, we left after 2 days and came home, so at least he is not in a hot caravan, we have 6 fans going to keep hi cool, 2 Ceiling fans and 4 oscillating fans, and the temp is still registering 27, I wipe his fur down with wetted blue roll, he isnt too keen on it but he lets me do it, anything to keep him cool, the weather is suppose to break this evening, I hope so. and how are you doing with yours, I remember we had a hell of the time keeping our Coons cool because of their thick fur, I ended up buying an air conditioning unit that you expel out of the window, sucks the warm air out through a pipe and blows cold air into the room through its grill. are you managing to keep cool ?

reminds me of the Alanis Morrisette song… ‘Isn’t it Ironic’…

you get so called wonderful weather and we can’t stand it!.. our big mate wonders around the house or garden finds his preferred little spot…

If he hears a floor fan going in another room he’ll often get up and go to where he knows the place where the fan is sucking in… clever eh? I do wet his head and ears and he doesn’t mind now. Apparently, a vet says, cats are comfortable at 10c above what we feel is comfortable.

We give him water… well he asks for it, very vocally… He won’t drink out of a bowl… only his own tap!

However we do our best to oblige him… LOL