My Other Hobby - Modelling

Did the subject heading get you to click through? :wink:
One of my other hobbies is plastic scale modelling (Chairman of the local IPMS club), I model mainly 1/24 scale stuff.
Here is a project I have been working on.

Diorama titled “Project Fear”.
Will post other models if your interested.


That looks a great model, some dedication needed to get to that sort of detail !.

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It did.

And no offence, but I was pleased to not see a picture of you in Speedos :rofl:

You have an amazing talent there Richard mate, I’m seriously impressed!

This also rings a bell… I’m sure one of our other members also does similar miniature modelling :thinking: Can’t seem to find the thread now though…

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This post?


Yes! The very same! Thanks Dave :+1:t2:

And now therefore tagging @Yorksnproud in to this thread :wink:

Thanks. This took a couple of months to complete whilst working on a similar diorama.


I have to say, envious of your talent and patience.
But, I have always had a fascination for good models all my life.

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Brilliant,I haven’t the patience anymore, I used to really enjoy Airfix when I was a wee lad.

The one thing I’d say is needed is a Mavic type drone to go with your models, almost everyone has one when out on walk-about.


Brilliant pics Richard,
Have you seen ‘Welcome to Marven’?

The film Concerns small models and their stories.
Based on a true story.

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Hi @Boydey not seen that yet, going to get it on Blu Ray, looking forward to seeing it.

This :smiley:

Looks really, really Good :+1:

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Some of mine!

Been modelling (on and off for) for 46 years!


Hi Steve, nice modelling, no longer able to do anymore due to my shakey hands .

That’s not do good, starting to suffer from arthritis so modeling days may be numbered !!!

nice work, do like these dioramas.

Sorry to hear that, enjoy as long as you can.

That’s some nice modelling @SteveM

I built the 1/72 scale Black Pearl earlier this year, thinking of putting it into the competition at the International Model Show Telford this November.

Previous entries include:
1/24 Scale Hawker Typhoon

1/24 Scale London Bus

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That 2nd video looks just like the Duxford Aircraft Restoration Workshops, which I regularly visit.
Last time I was there a couple of years back Guy Martin was helping build one of the Spitfires for a one off program.
We have some seriously talented Modellers on here!.

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Inspiration for the build is the restoration of RB396

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