My phone didn’t display my location accurately

Hi @PingSpike Rich. I was at an NT location today and run DS on my android phone to make sure I was outside their boundary. I had my location setting enabled on my phone and hit the same in DS but the blue location shown on the map was someway off? Not had any issues with my phone in Google maps so wondered if I’d used DS incorrectly?

I was inside the red circle but the nlue location pin was way off?

I tested it back home and it was spot on! Any ideas what I did wrong?

Are you allowing your phone’s browser to know your exact location? (You’re Android which I don’t know well enough, but iOS has a setting like this that would throw off the browser’s attempt to pinpoint location beyond an approximate one).

How long did you wait for your phone to pick up a GPS signal? :thinking:

It was slow to load the map layers and I waited a few minutes but no change from the photo I posted. I used Gmaps and it showed my position ok.

As far as I am aware. I use Gmaps and it seems pretty spot on, as it was in DS when I got home. Maybe its a data issue as no wifi at location (although gmaps worked).

Would that be the Google Maps website in browser app (in which case your browser app needs to have been given permission to see location) or Google Maps the app (which is a different app from the browser)?

@BadManners Google Maps App and Samsung browser Andrew, both have location permissions. I access DS via my GADC account logged website from a browser saved link.

The location feature works fine in DS using phone on wifi at home so I’m thinking its some sort mobile data issue that is not manifest using Gmaps.

On your phone open up location services>app permissions

Scroll down and select Samsung Internet.

Makes sure precise location is enabled.


That may have cached maps to your phone - DS needs data to download on each map move or layer switching.

Thx Callum was already set @callum :+1:

I think the mobile data signal was just not up to the job @OzoneVibe Dave. I’ve been playing with it back home just using mobile data and it’s been quick and accurate. :+1:I was surrounded by tall trees when I attempted to access the info but I had checked earlier so I new where to stand outside of NT boundary. Good job cus jobsworth NT guy followed my drone back to me and challenged me as I finished packing it away. I declined to give him my name told him flight was legal and have a refresher on NT policy recently changed which is how we left it.