My photo in latest issue of Drone User Magazine

I send a couple of pictures off to Drone user magazine about three weeks ago got a email today saying latest magazine is ready for viewing was flicking through when to my surprise one of my picture had been published full page was mine


Congrats Naz, nicely done :+1:t2:

The Celebrity badge is currently winging its way to your profile as we speak :smiley:


thanks mate

Well done Naz - deserves to be full page too :+1: :+1: :+1:


I’m guessing no payment was received :slightly_frowning_face:


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£900 for double spread


No payment mate


Do they pay for photos then? :thinking:

I’m off to raid my back catalog if so!


I wonder if it’s free to place a double page advert :wink:

Not getting at you Naz, it’s great to see your work in print.

Just boils my piss that the media gets away with this (more than they ever did)

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I was not even thinking about the money I did not think it was going to get it published I am just happy one off my photo got published double spread in magazine I am going to try and get a photo on front page next time hopefully this year or maybe next year.


Wow how cool is that :clap::pray::sunglasses:


Me personally I didn’t think this was my best photo but I am not the person how makes the final decision

Great Photo Naz !, well done for getting it printed !.

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Well done @Fatboy! They don’t pay but they will give you a free subscription for use of photos, if you ask.


Nice :+1:

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Nice piccy… well done!

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Nice image, but why are you giving your photos away for free? I could understand it if you got your drone for free and didn’t have to pay the electricity bill when you charged the drone. Did the garage give you free petrol / diesel on your way to take this image?

I just sent a couple of photos in to see if I could get any off them published in the magazine I was not thinking of the money just happy to get a photo published for know can tell my friends and family I had a photo published in a magazine.