My quad failsafe’d using Ghost

I managed to get out yesterday, in the 25mph plus gusts, to test my recent Tyro79 build. However if I tried to go further than about 150metres I experienced micro-failsafes.

I checked that the Ghost module was set to 100mW, I even put it on a power meter and confirmed it was actually outputting the correct power, which it was.

I then flew my Tyro119 which also had a Ghost receiver onboard, that I managed to get out close to 2miles, still indicating a LQ of 99%, before turning back due to lack of fuel in the tank to go further.

It wasn’t until I got home that I found the cause of the micro-failsafes on the Tyro79. When I was finishing the build and trimming the cable ties I’d managed to cut through the coax feeding the Ghost qTee antenna😱 A dumb mistake as I should have been wearing my glasses.

Even though the test was initially very disappointing it has increased my confidence in the Ghost system. Being able to fly out to 150metres without an antenna on the receiver, in my book, is quite impressive.


On my original quad I couldn’t get that far even with an antenna with the T-Lite controller :rofl: