My recent trip to Turkey

I had a trip recently to Turkey on a visit to my home town. Took my MAVIC 2 Pro with me after a many hair pulling moments getting my drone registered so I can fly it there. I wish I had more time to use my drone in places like Cappadocia, and Mount Erciyes but it’s a start. Hopefully on my next trip I will find more opportunities. So, here goes…


It was starting 89 seconds in - I edited the link.

Nice video! :+1:

I like the annotation text in the corner. That’s rather unobtrusive and informative.

Thanks for fixing tat for me mate :ok_hand:

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Fantstic shot’s, love the scenery :clap:

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Really slick, I too like the annotations, and the transitions. The car as a link is quite clever.
Can’t wait to go to Turkey at the end of June!

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Which part are you going to?

@MertOzkan it’d be great if you could share your experiences in the #Travel-advice-for-anyone-taking-their-drone-abroad section.

We’ve a 2017 thread in there for Turkey, it’s be good to hear a more recent experience if you’ve got ten minutes :blush:

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Done :slight_smile:


Near a place called Marmaris - just grabbing a few days away

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Decided to redo the video added some extra bits to it and removed some unwanted bits. Also, tried to sync it with the music a bit better. Hope the v2 is better :slight_smile:

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Very nice video

Great Video!