Nalin's 5" FPV Quad thread 😊

Here we have a 5" FPV quad with everything needed to fly it. Full details below but this is a TeamBlackSheep Source One frame and comes fully built (with dedication, care and some OCD) with Radio transmitter, Crossfire module, Box style goggles and we are even chucking in a battery :laughing:

Test flown by @notveryprettyboy so you can be sure it works :+1:

This was built as a price for last years Big Meet, however the competition was not run so we have decided to sell it and use the cash to finance an even better Big Meet 2023

Price Β£250 all in. Bloody bargain if you price up the parts alone
Location; Nuneaton, West Midlands, Collection or I will pack and ship to UK mainland for Β£15




It has Betaflight installed so with the GPS it can do GPS RESCUE

Just to add, the goggles will be an ev800d with a 3d printed spacer in case your eyes need it.
It slides apart too so can be used as a view monitor. Built in dvr.

ill buy it Steve

Offer from @crapflyer withdrawn, this is still available :slightly_smiling_face:

How many trees it hit then? Heh.

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Collection is from a tree

oooft if only i could afford my 1st fpv drone ha!

Where else will you get a full-blown 5"er, with crossfire transmitter and goggles for Β£250 :man_shrugging:

Exactly. It’s a steal (I’m tempted myself, lol). Never heard of the Radio though hah.

Hey Steve,

What about doing a draw, say Β£10 a ticket, selling 30 tickets :+1:

i’ll have 2 :+1:


Oh yeah I’d do that… heh

HI Stevie,

I will buy it. Offer won’t be withdrawn. Please let me know how I can pay. Thanks.

SOLD to the gentleman, I’ll PM you my PayPal details :smile:

PM sent :+1:

Hi Wayne
We, the Big Meet commitee, did think about raffling it, not sure on the legalities though :man_running: :man_running:

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You’re too young :laughing: :rofl: :rofl:

The radio is nice. I believe it has a usb port for sim practice?

Please let me know as my offer to buy the unit stands and spare you the trouble of a lottery … or drawing straws ( if we want to stay legal).

I don’t know what I am letting myself in to here (in terms of flying it) but but but the offer stands.

Nalin it’s yours, @Steviegeek will be in touch to arrange payment and shipping/collection :+1:

Edit: Check your PM messages