Nanohawk remodelling

After needing to do some work on it at Drone Circle yesterday after knackering the VTX antenna, and finding out what a pig it is (12 miniscule screws and complete disassbly to get at anything), plus the fact I’ve always been unhappy with the camera mount, and inspired largely by this video

I’ve done a bit of designing and printing.

Now I just need to do some tweaks in Beta Flight - FC rotation, motor remapping (probably) and prop direction (props out).


Looks a pretty clean build. Some good print design there! It will be a great little ripper. I did similar with one of my tiny whoops for a while.

I’m not sure about it’s suitability for tinywhoop racing without any prop guards though.

I did try printing some prop guards but TPU is too flimsy and I suspect PLA would be too brittle. We’ll see how it goes around the house.

Obviously what I should have done is spend the best part of a grand on an HD Zero Mob6 (CRSF) and goggles at the weekend. :rofl:

Lol… an analog mob6 is pretty inexpensive really.

Yeah I’ve looked at 3d printed prop guards myself and never really been happy. The actual tinywhoop frames are probably the best way to go there and those are the cheap part of the quad.

Well that works nicely. Only took me two attempts to get the motor resources right. :laughing:

I’ve smashed it about the house a bit and the props seem to be holding up nicely but it doesn’t bounce off things quite so well and it will leave a mark.

I suppose I could cut the canopy out of the original frame and see how that goes. A new frame is only a fiver, should I want to go back properly.

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These PLA bumpers seem to be a reasonable compromise.

I’ll have to sort out coming for my Whoopstor one evening, I can only charge one battery at once at the minute. :man_facepalming:t2:

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it’s here waiting for you.