National trust boundaries map

I am struggling to find decent launch spots for National trust boundaried areas - is there any online map that actually shows the boundaries of their property? I know that have a source themselves but its a bit clunky and overlays for too much pointless info - anyone know where I can find one?

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A whole load of switchable layers, most of which you can turn off.

I leave them set like this …



Sorry, does that mean I can fly anywhere here, just not in the black sections?

Nope - not necessarily.

Dartmoor is a National Park (not National Trust) and they have their own rules. (I’ve no idea about Dartmoor.)


See Dartmoor byelaws 18.2: Byelaws | Dartmoor if you’re on public open access land. If you’re on private land within Dartmoor, those byelaws don’t seem to apply, but IANAL.

Personally, I’d find a quiet spot and just get on with it.


Thanks for this map - exactly what I needed with the settings you provided. I now have my LZee!!!

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Sorry to reeanimate an old thread but thought it was better than starting a new one.

I’m trying to understand where we’re allowed to fly given the National Trust ban on flying on their land (lets leave aside for now the question of flying over their land).

The dronescene map very helpfully has outlines of NT land. However when you look at the National Trust map linked above it shows much larger areas as being their land.

For instance, here’s an area of Hadrian’s wall on Dronescene.

Here’s the same area on the NT trust map.

The dronescene area seems to correspond to the Open Access areas on the NT map. But the map also shows much larger areas that have been acquired by the Trust at different dates.

So if we want to obey the rules, should we avoid any areas shown coloured on the NT map?
And if so would it be possible / more appropriate to add those layers to the dronescene map?

See previous discussion here:

Dronescene doesn’t have access to the full NT property boundaries, only to the Open Access areas.

The NT byelaws seem to me to imply they cover all the land they own, but I’m no lawyer:

I have flown from the wider NT property limits on several occasions without being challenged.

And more on the same topic from a few weeks ago:

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Thanks for clarifying.

My appologies if this was shared before, but the link is to a handy map which maps out the exact boundaries of the national trust’s land. One can use this when preparing for your flight to ensure that you do not take offf and land from their land.