National trust boundaries map

I am struggling to find decent launch spots for National trust boundaried areas - is there any online map that actually shows the boundaries of their property? I know that have a source themselves but its a bit clunky and overlays for too much pointless info - anyone know where I can find one?

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A whole load of switchable layers, most of which you can turn off.

I leave them set like this …



Sorry, does that mean I can fly anywhere here, just not in the black sections?

Nope - not necessarily.

Dartmoor is a National Park (not National Trust) and they have their own rules. (I’ve no idea about Dartmoor.)


See Dartmoor byelaws 18.2: if you’re on public open access land. If you’re on private land within Dartmoor, those byelaws don’t seem to apply, but IANAL.

Personally, I’d find a quiet spot and just get on with it.


Thanks for this map - exactly what I needed with the settings you provided. I now have my LZee!!!

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