NATS launches online drone hobbyist training course

Designed with new drone owners and hobbyists in mind the animated course presents an overview of current UK flight safety rules and regulations governing drone use and features a series of interactive quiz questions based on key elements of responsible drone operation.

Steve Graham, Head of Business Engagement at NATS, said: “We hope new and existing drone users will find our new online hobbyist course useful as a fun-to-use tool with a serious message.

“NATS strongly supports fair and equal access for all types of aircraft, manned and unmanned, in integrated airspace – and it is important that all users of airspace do so safely, responsibly, and with due regard for the needs of others.

“By designing an animated video with clear and accessible voiceover narration and multiple-choice quiz questions, our aim is to provide accurate and practical information as a reference guide that will be helpful for all drone operators, especially new drone owners and hobbyists.”

NATS’ new Drone Hobbyist Online Course is available on the NATS website here:


100% correct answers when I did this and I’ve only been in the drone world for less than a week ,

If the online test is similar to this then none of us should have any worry’s about it



Hi mike first of all well done in getting a 100% in the test and do you mind posting the link because I cannot seem to find it

Post above @Fat-Cat’s

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Stupid me!


100% as well, seems pretty straight forward. If the real test is equally straight forward there shouldn’t be too much to worry about.

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Whoop whoop, I got 100% 17/17 and I skipped all their bumpf.

That was tough :rofl:
How did that guy pass any of that with no eyes? :laughing:


Interesting. That is almost word for word what the PfCO course is!! No coincidence Im sure.

There is a bit in the video that says to use an app to report your intended flight activity to air traffic before take off. Really? On a nice clear weekend with little wind I imagine the authorities would be overwhelmed if we all reported every intended flight - “Drone enthusiasts crash NATS computer network”

Oh, even I managed 100%, but no certificate at the end. If the government are rolling out the competency test on November 1 why has this suddenly appeared? Is it the test in disguise or will we have two similar videos from NATS and CAA? Someone is spunking money up the wall.

I think they meant through the existing NATS smartphone app.

Not sure if that’s a recommendation or a requirement, I’ve not studied the small print. And granted, it won’t always be possible. If you’re in the countryside you’ll often have no mobile signal anyway.

This is being marketed as a training tool. No doubt the CAA DRES site will have a link back to that video, I’d not expect another/new one.


Query… its talking to hobbyists. It says you can accept payment with permission of the CAA. I thought only PfCO qualified could ask for payment. Can someone give me the reference please for that action

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Sorry. You have moved to new thread or you want me to start one?

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It’d be nice if whoever picks up that gauntlet could fire up a new thread with it so we can keep this one on topic.


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Ah understood will start one thanks

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I see there’s no distinction made in the video between drones with and without surveillance features, and what that means for separation distances. That’s misleading. There’s a question on privacy which I also believe to be incorrect.

:rage::rage: makes my blood boil that they make these instructional videos in animation, and poorly done at that!
Obviously aimed at 5 year olds to hold there attention ?