Nazgul5 V3 (Blitz F7) BF 4.3 > 4.4 / HD OSD

I have the Nazgul listed in title (not Evoque/ECO/etc).
I want to enable the HD overlay in BF so that I have a half useful OSD canvas; I could keep switching my goggles (G2) between HD/Normal in display settings, but my other drones are HD and it’s a pain, so I then often end up flying with this mess!

Note, elements intended to be in bottom-left are clustered mid-left, elements from the BF OSD intended to be far right near the G2 OSD are centred.

I managed to update my Flywoo LR4 easily because JB has a video which was basically backup>flash to BF 4.4.1>apply vendor CLI patch>correct OSD.
I managed to update my GepRC Cinelog20 less easily, but was more of a
backup>apply special vendor CLI patch>correct OSD (note, no BF 4.4 upgrade, they somehow enable HD OSD on an older BF).

However, neither approach seems to be written up anywhere for the Nazgul5; presumably because the majority of those were sold during the Caddx/V2 era and not the DJI O3/G2 era.

I could of course simply
But I suspect that given the only Vendor/Support CLI dumps available from iflight are for BF4.2.11 & BF4.2.9 (both of which are older than the BF4.3.2 the drone shipped with!) the absence of a patch post-flash will mean I lose a bunch of important config.

I don’t mind setting up the Aux Modes, OSD, RX/Mixer, but anything outside of that requires someone point me in the right direction to research or preferably, a beer worthy amount of laymens instructions?

The FC is a Blitz F7? As long as it’s listed here, the post install defaults will be put on. OK iFlight haven’t done a “tune” specifically for 4.4. or 4.5 you say. As long as you can get the 4.3.2 firmware for that FC, and you’ve taken a full dump of the config you can go back

It definitely one of these?


Not sure if this is the correct way to tell, but it shows as a Blitz F722 when plugged into BF right now:


Failing that, I could lift top panel and check for markings on the board I suppose?

It does auto detect to the Blitz F722 as well:

Also, regarding the tune; I have no idea what the BF defaults look like but the PID/Rate/Filter tabs look thus in BF4.3.2:

could type “version” on the cli and gives you info too.

# version
# Betaflight / STM32F7X2 (S7X2) 4.3.2 Nov 28 2022 / 07:30:19 (60c9521) MSP API: 1.44

# config: YES
# board: manufacturer_id: IFRC, board_name: IFLIGHT_BLITZ_F722
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Go for it, as long as there a 4.3.2 firmware available, should be good! Wonder why it’s on 4.3.2 this how it came if iFlight don’t have it on there downloads

What are you thinking - just make sure I have backups of everything, flash to 4.4.1 or go all the way to 4.5.0? Reckon it’ll just work or will I need to attempt to re-apply the tune somehow?

Might as well go the full hog. Default tune will fly OK, it’s a 5inch. Might not fly 100% as well as it “could”, but I doubt you’d tell the difference, lol!

Just try a hover in angle and arm once you got your modes and rates, etc sorted :slight_smile:

If don’t hover well then well… go back! I’ve never touched a default tune when I flash anything really

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For reference, I did this by

  1. backing up (ensure your backups actually populated the file, I had TWO instances where they BF backup generated an empty file!)
  2. Screenshotting every tab
  3. Normal flash upgrade straight to BF v4.5
  4. Going through and reapplying every setting I could that matched screenshots taken in (2).
  5. Googled every setting that no longer applied to find guidance on how it should be set (this took me a while)
  6. Re-backed up after applying screenshot based settings
  7. Used a diff tool (Beyond Compare) to compare backups from steps (1) and (6).
  8. Looked up each difference to determine whether intended or not - for unintended changes or those I didn’t understand, I copied the old setting into CLI and saved to new settings
  9. Setup OSD with HD as originally intended.

Despite my attempts to be methodical/thorough, the drone is not flying as well as it used to, but only marginally worse, still absolutely flyable.

Next steps… Work out/watch a bunch of bids on how to correctly tune the drone.

Thanks for assistance all!