ND filter recommendations for Mavic 2 Zoom

Hi all. Off to Iceland in a week or two’s time and thinking about getting some filters for the M2Z. There was a previous thread but that was for M2P which has greater control of the camera settings.

I’m an amateur when it comes to photography so am wondering whether I’ll get any benefit from the Neewer filters (https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B07HD6FVWB?pf_rd_p=330fbd82-d4fe-42e5-9c16-d4b886747c64&pf_rd_r=KCY19B6B0PHNQSAJX1VN) or Freewell (https://www.amazon.co.uk/Freewell-Budget-Kit-Filters-Enterprise/dp/B07GT1XSD8/ref=pd_sbs_23_1/260-1752642-2988249), or Skyreat (https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07GRS2JBL/ref=psdc_332180031_t2_B07HD6FVWB). I’m struggling to think that I can justify the cost of PolarPro (https://www.amazon.co.uk/PolarPro-Filter-6-Pack-Filters-Cinema/dp/B07GQ8NTMN/ref=sr_1_4?keywords=polarpro+filters+mavic+2+zoom&qid=1562930404&s=electronics&sr=1-4).

Wondering whether with the denser ND filters they’d be dense enough to get some water blur in any shots of waterfalls etc.

@ianinlondon may be able to answer this one as he has recently done a iceland trip

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I got the Skyreat ones for my Mavic 2 Pro, more than happy with them.

Yep. Skyreat filters fitted fine. Don’t think the. M2 Zoom has a variable aperture. If it does, knock that down a bit (ie set to a higher number) so there’s less light coming in allowing for a longer exposure. But TBH you’re only going to get silky shots when up close to the waterfalls.

My best advice for Iceland is stay off the Golden Circle. There’s beauty all around in Iceland and you don’t want loads of tourists in your shots, let alone all the No Drones signs along the Golden Circle.

Check out my Iceland videos on my YT channel. Gives you an idea of where to go and what you can do off the beaten track.



Many thanks for the input Ian. We’re flying to Akureyri on the north coast then going round from there down the east coast back to Reykjavik. Itinerary is fixed now and we’re a bit limited in where we can get to for health reasons, but from what I’ve seen we should get to a few spectacular places. I’ll check you out on YouTube!

When in Reykjavik, there is an excellent DJI shop on the main drag / dual carriddeway in the town centre a guy called Ziggy owns it, wot he don’t know ain’t worth knowing he also keeps loads of stock.

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I got the Polar Pro filters ND8 facing the sun and got some fab shots, I have had others before for my MP but nothing matches these ND4 ,8,16 For the Zoom

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Be warned! I shall hate you for going to Iceland! :wink:
Desperate to go myself … don’t see it happening any time soon, tho.

Have a look at this gal’s pics … many are drone pics … part of the reason I’m desperate to go there.
Might give you some ideas.


Also, this one …



Those are excellent! I don’t think I’ll be doing anything of that quality!!!

You never know! :wink:

Useful to know what’s there to be photographed, though.

I look forward to seeing your posts! :+1:

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It was a fluke shot not intended I just take random pics and choose the best out of them, the polar Pro filters give you the edge a must have, I took one higher up but it did not give the same effect it had to be a low shot I have had a canvas print done from the pic it looks amazing good luck just be random in your shots :+1:

Sunnylife filters are another option on the cheaper end compared to Polar Pro, I use them on my MP and seem to get good results.

I bought the Skyreat set, planning to try them out tomorrow.


Hi all, has anyone used the polarising/ND filter from PGY Tech and can comment on whether they’re worth buying??? I’b be grateful for any advice.
Best, Marcus

Marcus @mpaull I’ve moved your post to a thread on the same subject.

Take a scroll up, lots of discussion already :+1:t2:

I thought drones with variable aperture don’t need Nd filter yes polarising filter help. This is a question by the way. Lol

Even with the aperture closed right down it’s often not possible to get that ideal 50 or 60th second shutter speed (for video), ND’s will help with this.

As for stills I don’t buy into needing them

Ok cool thanks

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