ND filters and different shutter speeds

ND filters and different shutter speeds Loup of Fintry is a notable waterfall on the River Endrick


On the subject, can anyone explain what CPL filters are?

I’m no expert but aren’t they polarising filters?

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Really like these, is the first one 0167 the lower value? I think that is my favourite of the two. :shushing_face:

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CPL are polarisers, reduces the reflection of water, ie: if you flew over a reflective surface, glass or water you can’t see through the surface

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By adjusting your camera settings, shutter speeds and exposures you can take milky water shots without the need to use ND filters. Obviously if your drone doesn’t have the ability to manually set the camera,ND are the solution


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CPL (circular polarising) filters essentially shut out light falling on them from a certain angle. You can (usually) rotate them to change the angle of the light that will be affected. They are useful in photography to remove reflections on water, glass etc. You can also use them on sunny days to cut down on excessive glare and make the sky colours pop more.


Here’s a simple summary of NDs, Exposure Triangle and CPL filters :slight_smile:


Thanks for the help people. Legends as normal.

xpro sorry cant remember now

I have my van getting serviced in Stirling today so if the weather holds off I might pay a visit. Been a little rain the couple of days so there should be some decent water fingers :crossed_fingers:
Then of course Stirling Castle and the Wallace Monument

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