ND filters for mavic air

Just wondering what filters everyone uses for there mavic air?, i want to get some soon but there are so many different brands and i dont know which are good.


Polar pro…nd 4/8/16 also polarised
Quality lens and holder, not fiddling around trying to fix them on.
Also comes in a nice little plastic case. And cleaning cloth.

Another vote here for PolarPro.

Not the cheapest, but possibly the best :slight_smile:

thanks i will have look into them, where did you all buy yours from or are they the same price everywhere.

Shop around mate, the prices vary.

Got mine from Amazon :+1:

Polarpro are superb filters

Got mine from Heliguy

I got a 6 filter set from Sunnylife on ebay, they seem to do the job and come in a nice case for them.

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I’m pretty sure mine are that make too. Do what’s need … when I can be bothered with them.

Got mine from @HobbyMounts.

These are the ones I got

I got sent a set of the Freewell 8-set of ND & polarizers to test and review, and found them absolutely great. Well made metal rings that feel solid and secure when screwing onto the Air’s lens. If they were rubbish, I’d have said so. But they really were a great set.
If you’d like a quick physics lesson on why thy work, have a watch :smile:


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Could someone please clarify something for me…
On the Mavic Air is there or is there not a screw on lens cover that can be removed to put an ND filter on in its place?
I look at my camera and it looks like there may be a screw off cover but when trying to loosen it I get to the point where I worry I will stress the gimbal mount if I twist any harder.

If indeed there is a removable cover, any tips for getting it off?

Thanks as ever


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Yes. Indeed there is.

Not the best tutorial video, but it is from PolarPro.

Searching YouTube for “Mavic Air Filter Installation” will probably offer up some more detailed versions.

Thanks very much for that but my lens ring will NOT budge. I tried the rubber band trick to no avail but am petrified of damaging the gimbal.

Any further thoughts on how I can loosen the ring…

Many thanks as ever


I also struggled, just make sure its warm and I used a rubber pad to remove mine. Once its done, its easy second time around

I’ve got just the tool for the job if anyone needs to borrow it…


The latex gloves by themselves might be a little less destructive, and get the thing off.

Mine was really tight, then after not trying to squeeze it to much and turn ,I just concentrated on the turning ,and it worked! (you do have to hold the camera body really firmly though!)
Why the hell they do not supply a tool for its removal is beyond me !!
what ever you do , do not use any sort of pliers, etc !!


I have since got a rubber “O” ring that is slightly smaller than the lens, that also seems to remove it easier.