Need a 10.1" sun hood

Desperate for a 10.1" sun hood for my Huawei media tab or a link to one, I can only find up to a 9.7" one so far
Tia people

Amazon - L200 - £10
Mine came in 1 week.
Very happy with it
L200 is for 10.1 and above

You’re a star Ted, just ordered buddy :grin::ok_hand::+1::+1::+1:

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@silverfox682 - Are you certain about the L200 model number? It’s not an L220? I only ask as I thought the 200 was for ipad Air and Pro 9.7. The N5 is s;ightly taller (in landscape) and considerably wider than either of those.

Asking because I got this at a bargain price:

but it ended up with buying an iPad to fit!

I had looked at L200 size on both eBay and Amazon but couldn’t find any available for immediate deliver - they were all coming in from China in mid-July :slight_smile:

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Robert, you idiot!

Now you have got off your arse and measured the tablet in question you have realised that it’s not the first generation mediapad with the 10.1 inch screen at all but the 2017 onward 10.8 inch version! Now go and sit quietly in the corner and let the adults talk.

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Yep, DEF the L200
“RC GearPro Foldable Tablets Monitor Sunshade Sun Hood Cover for DJI Mavic Air/Pro/Spark/Phantom 3” L200

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Yes, they said that on mine too, but it looked like it was shipped from a UK depot in about 8-10 days.
It looked like the same seller on eBay too.
If your desperate, I have an unused boxed spare which I am happy to send to you for a tenner - just let me know. At least that way it WILL get to you in a couple of days.

Thats fine, I think the max its quoted for is a10.5 Samsung tablet.
If you change your mind just let me know - always happy to help if I can.



I have checked the width of the tablet - 260mm. The L200 would mask the edges of the image where a number of important controls are in the flight app of my choice - Litchi, Thanks very much for the offer though :slight_smile: