Need help with a 4DRC F6 drone

Hello I’m Martin,I’m new to drones & I need help to get started.Just bought a 4D-F6 quadcopter but I haven’t a clue as to how to get it flying.I’ve downloaded the app but watching a video “How to fly a quadcopter drone lesson 1 for beginners” says" Link the control to the drone" but it doesn’t exp[ain how to do this.I need to speak to someone to talk me thru this,can anyone help?


Hopefully this will help.

I haven’t had time to watch it yet but best of luck.

Hi,thank you for your reply and attached video but I am completely baffled!.It says “Download APP by scanning the corresponding QR code on instruction”…what does this mean?.I am not fully conversant with I phones.I don’t know how to scan codes or which is the corresponding QR code?.There are 2 codes,1 for Google another for Apple?.I have downloaded the 4DRC App through playstore but I’ve no idea what to do with it?.The video also says “Connect wifi by searching drone wifi with phone” and “Open App and enter operating control interface”,I have NO idea what this means!.When I bought my drone I had absolutely no idea I would have to be fully conversant with Apps & I phones!.It seems the video is aimed at people who are fully conversant with I phones,not a simple beginner like me!.Is there anywhere I can get help?.Please point me in the right direction because without help my new drone is completely useless!,thank you,Martin Lovell.