Need new mavic pro

I lost my mavic pro last week when it when for a swim. My own fault. I hadn’t flown it for a month
And pulled the wrong stick. Was in sport mode so no sensors. It’s now sitting at the bottom of the local nature reserve lake. Looking for either drone only or complete new setup. Thanks.

Sorry for your loss mate :cry:

I’m sure I saw somewhere that sold just the drone on its own?

Might even have been!

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DJI do sell drones without controller.

I think when you try to start a claim with them, if they deem it your fault they might even offer a discount on top of drone only price.

My local supplier “Buzzflyer” in Sudbury, Suffolk sells them on there own (so to speak)

And more often than not “Free, Next Day Delivery”


I am just about to list my Mavic Pro fly more combo on here if you are interested. It has everything that comes with the kit, original box and low noise props. It has probably only been flown for about 5/6 hours and I only took the plastic protector off the controller a few weeks ago. It is as new condition. I can provide photos if interested and I was going to ask £800 for the lot. Just drop me a line if interested but no problem if not, I’ll just list it as planned.


If you can send some pics that would be good. Thanks.

I’ll get that organised in the morning as I will be working a late shift tomorrow. Would it be easier to send them directly to an email address? If so, let me know the best address to use and I’ll get that done by lunchtime. Are there any questions that you have before I send the photos?



Good to put email addresses, etc, in a PM. :wink:

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Oops. Too late.

Why are you selling??

You have the option to delete your post. :+1:

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I have noted the address so Pete can remove it now.

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Comes with 3 batteries, car charger ( never used), battery charger, charger block, carry bag, probably 3 sets props, controller, possibly leg extenders, one piece gimbal holder/protector.
I am selling because I have just ordered the Mavic 2 Pro…madness!