Need some help understanding "ActiveTrack" - Air2S

I got some time to go and fly this afternoon, the weather gods were smiling on us here. Decided to investigate some of the fancy video modes that come built in to my Air2S, in particular “ActiveTrack”. Unfortunately the good weather didn’t last long and storm clouds started to gather, but limited to just over where I was standing. There was harsh language :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:, talking to the controller, pleading with the drone :weary: etc.

I have seen quite a few videos talking about the ActiveTrack feature and they all say “just press on the screen and then draw a green box around your target”. Could I get it to do this? No, I (expletive) could not. Most of the time when I presses on the screen (I was generally the target) or long pressed on the screen, a yellow box would appear telling me that auto exposure had been locked (it even had a small padlock in the lower right of the yellow box).

I kept at it and sever times did manage to get the green box to appear, and then select Activetrack and test it out. BUT, I have no idea what I did differently to get it to work. It seemed that some times I needed the video submenu to be onscreen, other times, maybe not.

It was infuriating.

Can anyone shed light on what I did wrong please? :pray:

Not having an Air 2s I’m not sure, but if it’s anything like in the go 4 app you need to activate that flight mode in the controller settings. Then do the rap and draw bit.

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Using the DJI Fly App I had exactly the same issues.

I was using it to track a train (excuse pun) and found that it didn’t always work.

Got the Litchi app on the old phone which I am playing with but haven’t used Tracking with it yet.



We are both making the same mistakes (and both equally daft!)

I am perfectly content to be called daft should it be necessary. But following numerous videos showing someone just touching the screen to activate this feature, it seems likely that the description is missing step (s).

I’m hopefully out with the Air2s tomorrow. I’ll have another look but i do remember it wasn’t the easiest thing to do.

I’m not recommending it at all (i have only just started using it, so don’t feel able to do so ) but Litchi will do what you want regards Tracking from what I’ve seen on the t’internet.

I have only recently started using Maven and it’s brilliant. I will look at whether it has a tracking feature, but DJI advertise ActiveTrack for their drones and I would love to learn how to use it without having to resort to a workaround.

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Totally agree.

Drones are totally in a league of their own but the software…

Why should the consumer act as a beta tester? I didn’t see the tickbox for that!!

Having just seen this in another thread:

I think we should tag @Acedrone in to this topic, @B0M0A0K :slight_smile:

I have found two ways of activating it the first is to draw a square on the screen and if it recognise the object it will put a green square round it.
The second method is to turn on subject scanning under the control menus, you will then see little green plus signs to objects you can select on the screan.

You then have to select 1 of the 3 options Active track , spotlight or poi

I am using the smart controller but should be the same on a touch phone


Thanks for this @Acedrone I will go take another look. I am pretty sure I have “subject scanning” turned on, but given the other videos I have seen am obviously getting something wrong.

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You are in video mode and not photo mode when your drawing the box?

I use spotlight mode all the time with my Air 2 and you just go to the video mode and drag a box around the target this activates spotlight mode (the eye symbol at the bottom of the screen) this mode locks your target in centre frame and allows you to manually fly around objects super smooth while the drone does all the work keeping the subject framed.

Maybe this will help you:

The 2nd video I posted is all about spotlight mode in the above :+1:t2:

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this may be a problem with the height above the subject combined with how well the subject stands out from the background. Found that drawing the box normally works ok, but the drone wasn’t always finding the subject as it couldn’t discriminate from the background.

Try having someone with a bright coloured item of clothing or dropping your height / angle to see if that makes a difference. Once it’s locked on it’s usually pretty stable and will just go into hover mode if it looses a lock.

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This is all great advice @Martin-NWales thanks very much. Just need to get a chance to get back out and try some of these suggestions :+1:

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So it seems like “Subject Scanning” is the setting to go for. I thought it was turned on, but it was not. When I turned this on I was able to select myself and then have all the features of ActiveTrack available to me. Did a couple of tests and it was good as gold.

Just look at this craziness.

Now, the equivalent in Maven, well let’s say I need to go look at the tutorials again, cause I couldn’t get it to work at all. :confounded:

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Yes subject scanning does turns of after using and you will need to turn it on every time you want to use it

That’s good to know, thanks for the tip.

This was from last night using point of interest, lock was maintain for a long time up to a hight of 112m .
You can also use poi in camera mode to follow a subject to keep it in centre frame before taking a shot but only works on slow moving objects.