Neighbour complaint

Everybody seems to be moving or editing my poor post in ways incomprehensible to me. I think trying to join in may have been an error at my age.

Hi @Seasidepeter

Moved because it was a repost of an existing video and edited just to make it look prettier

Don’t give up

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Be sure they are doing it for the best intensions …. Don’t be disheartened. Everyone’s posts are of value.

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There are even grammar and spelling Nazis lurking who would correct intensions to intentions :slight_smile:

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Plenty of us old boys here who don’t really have a clue what we are doing :upside_down_face:. I have found that the members are a friendly bunch who are very willing to share their knowledge, it is definitely worth persisting with. :slightly_smiling_face:
They do seem to like to keep the forum organised which helps when you are searching for information.

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You’re right, of course!

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Been there, done that, got the t-shirt…

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I once thought i was doing things wrong but it is easy to miss previous posts in the thousands of messages. Your post being moved to a more suited location does mean you get a wider audience if the thread was already established.

I have made a few errors and been corrected. The first time mine wss corrected by a friend on here i was spooked at the big box that comes up. The person correcting it, i do get on with and class as a good friend and not knowing what this box was, i thought i had upset somone. I deleted the whole post in haste. I was wrong. It was helping.

One thing i have learnt here. There are many good people. There are many kind people, helpful people.

Remember that if your post is edited or moved… it is somone helping you.

Join in as much as you like or can. They have the best intentions. I can count on one hand the people who i prefer to avoid on here. Considering i talk to many many people on here and read from many people. Thats good going.

I have way more Close friends on here then i do in general life.

This is from somone who does overthink and i know this is a good place to be.

I have friends on here who look out for mecand @FoleyMrs and i appreciate them all and the help and support i get on here.

Join in. Great to hear from all. It the members that make this the great place it is.


As a community we try to bend over backwards to help and give back. As Russ has said, you very quickly discover there are VERY few people that you would rather not interact with.
We try to keep things tidy and flowing hence why posts are sometimes moved or corrected, one of my titles was corrected this week, i was rushing when creating the post, and one of the committee changed the title to improve the chances of being found, and pinpoint the timescale i was referring to. It really does help. Don’t take offence, and if you think the change is unwarranted or spoils the context, contact the committee they will look at it, and explain why they thought the change was needed. But you will find it generally was warrantied.


I think the other thing to note is that although the change / edit is highlighted to you, almost no one else will be aware a change has been made.
Don’t see it as any form of rebuke or being ‘told off’, more that all involved are trying to make the site as useful, consistent and as interesting as possible.


I’ve only found one, which is quite remarkable.


Edited your post so the quote displays correctly

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I’m sort.of glad it took you two attempts - I couldn’t work out what I’d done!

It didn’t, the second was because while i was doing it my fat thumbs altered the text so had to go back in to correct that.:rofl:

Did you type the quote or highlight and paste.

Highlighted and clicked the quote icon (but then tried to edit the quote…)

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Been there done that. Gave up, deleted what i had done and started from scratch.

The last quote in brackets needs to be on a seperate line. I don’t know if you typed true= that doesn’t need to be there.

I think that’s probably where I broke it… :slight_smile: