New boy hare

Hi all I’m new to drones so be gentle I’ve got a mavic pro live in saddleworth hope to meet you all please excuse my questions if they have been asked before

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Welcome to forum mate.

Hi hagalout, welcome to GADC. Very good to have you with us. If you’re a drone newbie you’ve come to the right place because we’ve probably got the answers to the zillion questions you’ve got. :slight_smile:

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Wot? No lady hare? :wink::wink: Welcome to the forum from yet another North Westener (we will rule!) - ask whatever and whenever you like - you won’t get any unhelpful responses here.

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Hi Geoff and welcome to Grey Arrows :smiley:

That’s two of the best things you’ve done already :+1:

You’ll find a load of Mavic owners here, and GADC also has a huge northern contingent going now :rofl:

Don’t worry about it in the slightest, as mentioned above, we’re all here to help each other!

Hi Geoff, it’s Mick, good to see you on here.
Drop me a line when u want to go out for a fly, am free most days. Hope you manage to get a flight in on Friday during your travels