New build


Hey guys,

Thought I would talk you through my current build project (well one of them)

Realacc real1s

Holybro f7 flight controller, vtx and 4in1 esc

Hypetrain blaster motors

I’m currently working on a 3D printed flight pod to replace the top part of the frame as I just don’t like it.

The big question is do I use a RunCam split 2 or do I make this as light as possible for as much speed as I can get


If you have room on stack Id go with the split for all the weight it adds.

Beats strapping on an action cam for some footage.


Iv made very little progress with this but I did get a gps for it for some speed run goodness.

Probably start soldering it all up end of Feb…

The gps is super tiny



Think im gunna get this. Should take a bit of a beating. Do you think its any good?


I wouldn’t bother personally. Take a look at sabotagerc they make some seriously good frames at quite frankly amazing prices. Oh and they won’t take 6 weeks to get here