New dji goggles not working!


i have some new dji goggles i have updated the firmware via assistant two, but only one eye screen works (right eye) the other is very dull and you can barely see.
this has the affect of double vision and is very annoying.
presumably this is a fault?
btw i have not connected them to a drone yet - does this make a difference?
very worried… help please!


Sounds broken to me @bob

Mine never did anything like that, even when not connected to a drone or other HDMI video source.

I’d be straight back to where you bought it from and get it replaced.


i will send it back then…


Yeah even without being connected to a drone both eyes should light up…

… HOWEVER!!! I forgot to take protective film off mine and spent hours wondering why they were blury could it be that there’s still some film to remove? If I recall mine was plastered in it!


good point but i did remove the film.
yes one of the screens is definatly brocken… and I have started the return process…
thanks for all your help.
btw- i am getting a crystalsky instead.

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Which model CS are you getting?


High brightness 5.5inch

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on that point…
just been looking at the cs review apparently it doesn’t come with a charger?
do i need to buy one separately?


You can use your Inspire charger @bob - it’ll plug directly in to the CS charging hub :+1:t

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did i forget to mention…
my inspire lightbridge error started again after a couple of flights. i sent it back.
got a mp2 coming soon.
does the mavic charger work with cs @PingSpike?

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No mate, it does not.

Inspire charger, Phantom 4 charger, probably only those two? :thinking:

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This is on the DJI site:

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Great thanks
I have a friend with a phantom4 so that should work out.
probably a dumb question but the cs cant charge via usb can it?




Get yourself an aftermarket P3 charger for under a score.