New DJI Mavic Air owner - Stockport Uk


Hi @Cheeze
Be wary the weather forecast for the next few days isn’t too good for flying until possibly Saturday Sunday


In which case, you’re sorted geezer :smiley:

Why’s that mate?

I take my dog with me on most of my flights :smiley:

Good luck tomorrow though, the weather across the way in Wigan is forecast to be pretty poor :scream:


In regards to dog walkers I suppose I’m just avoiding any possible conflicts. I know I’m in my rights but I kinda feel that showing a mutual respect and not just doing what I want because I can. On the park in question I’m at 20 feet max or so testing settings so it’s quite loud. I’m sure as my experience and confidence grows this will change.

Yeah I’ve pretty much written off a flight for tomorrow. Not off work until next Tuesday now.

So another newbie question. Just trying to get my head around the rules. So if I’m right we can fly 50 meters above private property in theory as no one owns the space above… and we can’t fly above built up areas. What would constitute built up? Somewhere village sized? Town? Bigger? Just want to be clear. My sister lives in a very picturesque little village in Derbyshire and I plan a trip there soon and want to make sure I stick within the rules but don’t cut myself short on what I am allowed to do if that makes sense?


Me too … and when an unseen dog leaps on my Mavic as it lands, props still spinning … I really have to resist going into conflict mode! :rofl:


If you need any information, you may find in our “Members Only Section” an article I put together to help members.
Take a look at the “GADC Done Information Pack”
There may be some useful documentation there that may be of help.
Happy Flying !


Welcome @Cheeze from another Mavic Air owner. I’m so lucky living where you can fly around without seeing a soul. It’s my own dog I have to worry about! He’s always sitting on the exact spot I want to use for a take off.
It sounds like you’re very considerate and that’s exactly the behaviour that will turn the tide in our favour. Well done.
They’re a great bunch here although be careful, they’ll probably make you buy stuff, like a second drone, although I can’t imagine why anyone needs two :grinning:
Happy flying.


More batteries to fly with…


Cheaper to buy more batteries.


ok two drones to play with for longer (weather permitting that is )


Most GADC members seem to end up with an incurable dose of accessoryitis sooner or later :confused:


Speak for yourself … other than the “sooner” was very applicable in your case. :rofl:


I’m sure this forum is broken, how is it possible that only @MementoMori and I have the accessoryitis badge?!

LOADS of you have this infection too!!

There must be a bug in the forum or something…


Speak for yourself
Says the man with 6 inspire 1 on his watch list in eBay ( and it’s your fault…)


Don’t think I have space big enough to put mine all in a photograph that would be viewable on here, or a wide enough lens to get them all in the frame !!!.
Now there’s a challenge !