New DJI Mavic Air owner - Stockport Uk

Just introducing myself, I’m from Manchester but have spent the last 20 years living in Stockport.

I just recently bought a Mavic Air, my first proper drone. I’ve been into amateur photography for many years and seeing the quality of the images from drones it seemed the next natural step for me. I spent a few months with a cheap second hand Xyma drone just for little experience in flying before shelling out on something more expensive.

Not had much of a proper flight yet, just a couple of quick sessions in large local parks, always keeping in mind the drone code and being respectful of any members of the public that may come near. So far though I’m loving it I just need to get out somewhere more open and gain some more confidence in the drone.


Hi @Cheeze , and welcome to GADC.

Many other members have the Mavic Air too - so you’re in good company, and plenty of user experience to draw on if ever you need to ask for help with anything.

If you haven’t already, take a look at the Map of Members. This is a relatively new feature so not everyone is on there as yet, but I’m sure there are other members in your neck of the woods that will come and say Hi.

(Don’t forget to add yourself to that map : Members’ Location Map - A Guide)

Also, if you’ve not seen it, check out our map of places where members have flown that might be of assistance.:

Hi @Cheeze and a warm welcome from a fellow Mavic Air flyer to GADC - a great drone and a great forum :wave:.

I am sure you will love using the MA

Welcome @Cheeze
Good to have you here.

Hello and welcome @Cheeze

Wotcha @Cheeze and welcome to Grey Arrows :+1:t2:

Good to have another northerner on board :smiley:

Ditto what that man said
oh and welcome

Welcome! I’m also from Manchester (Eccles) and have lived in Stockport for the past 7 or so years. Back of Fletcher Moss by the river is alright on a quiet day - enough space to safely try out some of the features :slight_smile: First local place I went was Abney Hall Park, it was quiet but there’s a fair bit of water which always makes me nervous!

Thanks everyone.

I’m only 2 miles from Abney Hall, not been there for a few years but I did wonder about popping there. Wasn’t sure if it was too near the M60 though. I’ll check it out again soon.

A warm welcome to you - this is a great group for learning and sharing!!

It is in one of the “warning zones” (zone D I think) because of the airport but not a no-flight zone, you’ll get a warning on the DJI app anyway and you’ll have to acknowledge it before you can take off. I don’t remember even hearing the motorway though, not sure what part of the park I was in but it deffo wasn’t too close to M60

Most of where I live is class D, from my home the plans fly in to land to the right if I stand on my door step. Probably still 3-4 miles in a straight line to the runway so not sure how low they are but if I do have the drone out I stay around 100ft max to be on the safe side. To be honest my max height so far is 140ft, I get nervous about losing it. I’m planning on getting out somewhere this week and testing the RTH out and gaining more confidence.

The big inspiration to buy this and get into it was my holiday in Cornwall this year, I’m really keen to fly it around the cliffs and scenery.

Felt exactly the same with my MA but you will soon get the confidence in it’s handling with a little bit of practice. It really is a great drone - and always loads of support and advice here, and always friendly and help responses.

Hi and welcome,

You’ve joined the best online club. Plenty of help banter and hits and tips…

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Hi @Cheeze have a lot of time on my hands at the moment if you fancy some help I can travel your way somewhere out of the way so you can practice with some help and advice
I have met up with a few reprobates on here but have thoroughly enjoyed and learned something from each of them.
Just give us a shot


Yeah !, we are a friendly bunch, we have a laugh, munch on good breakfast’s, down a pint of two, when the need takes us (which is pretty often!).
Life’s to short , get out there and fly !, it will rejuvenate your youth, I promise you that !.

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Very kind of you. At the moment between work and family I struggle to find anytime as it is. Hence owning the drone for 2 weeks and having less than an hours flight time so far, and most of that has been playing with settings etc.

I do want to ask a daft question that probably has an obvious answer. I’m fully aware of the drone code and rules and it’s something I’ll stick to, however what constitutes flying? I mean is there a minimum height? What I’m getting at is, if I were to buzz my drone around my garden which is in a built up area at low height, I’m talking 5 feet off the ground max, to practise and play with settings, do I risk getting in any trouble?


As far as the CAA are concerned, that constitutes flight. Don’t think there is a minimum altitude. Are they likely to trouble you if you buzz about your back garden, bothering the dog? Not really. I’d be more concerned about your neighbours’ reactions.

As long as your garden isn’t in a NFZ (we’ve a few members here that are!) and as long as your garden is not open to the public (like Kew Gardens for example), you can fly around at 5ft all day long :smiley:

But yes, as @PaperCrane says, I too would be more worried about the neighbours :blush:

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Neighbours don’t really seem to care. I keep it non intrusive and below fence height but it’s rare.

I do have a small park right opposite my house, at the narrowest it’s approx 180 meters wide so I can stand in the middle if no one’s on there and fly in a very small radius of 30m or so but I’m itching to get out properly. Trouble is I get about 10 mins max before a dog walker appears and I land and put it away.

I’m off work tomorrow for most of the day so weather dependant I may venture out somewhere more scenic. it’s a pity the National Trust don’t allow drones at all. I understand near the halls and stately homes, or busy areas where people gather such as play areas and picnic areas but some of their parks near me have huge expanses of quiet hills and forest’s with virtually no one waking around those areas.