New DJI Smart Controller - Do I or don't I?

Wait until it’s been jailbroken - it might open up a whole new list of possibilities :slight_smile:

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WELL,ive failed to resist,will have my smart controller in my hands on saturday morning,from our great friends HOBBY MOUNTS!!!:+1::+1::rofl::rofl:



Ok, I’m slightly jealous :blush:

We (ie. EVERYONE!) expects a full report by Saturday evening :smiley:


Looking forward to hear your thoughts on it. Sooo tempted too :+1::blush:


Er!, surely Dave that should be ALL M2 owners, as the rest of YOU can’t use it anyway (yet)!
Or, am I just talking of a simple technicality here?

OK ALL!!! As soon as i have it in my hands,i will be charging it up and having a play!!! I will of course upload some photos here ,for your perusal,err is that even a word!!:rofl::rofl::+1::+1:Have it on special delivery,so should be with me by 10:30 latest on saturday… so ,no lay in for me!!:rofl::rofl:


Well just a thought,but i am convinced it will do a hell of a lot more when DJI get their finger out and do the relevant firmware updates.:+1::+1:I RECKON IT WILL BE USEFUL FOR A LOT OF DRONES,AND I REALLY HOPE THE MAVIC 1 BOYS WILL ALSO BE ABLE TO USE IT TOO…Given the hardware specs it most likely will be backwards compatible for occusync 1 as it also has wifi,i see no reason why it could not also be used for mavic air and similar in time:+1:

Thats what I keep reading too. It all seems to be within the capabilities of the controller, its just upto DJI to pull their smelly fingers out!

This being their new flagship controller then DJI have some decent plans for it I suspect. Way more to come I reckon!

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You would have thought that they would have developed it, refined the software to achieve compatibility with there range, tested it, and
Sold bloody millions of the things.
Er, did I miss a trick there Mr Chinaman?.
You balls up, time and time again!.
What you need is some of our members on your development team, and just slip us a free drone or two instead of giving the muppets of YouTube freebies, just cos they promote your drones,etc.
But, I suppose you are to busy digging up your employees gardens finding your missing millions!.


I think I might get one subject to more favourable reviews. My piggy bank is empty at the moment after replacing my failed Eos 7D with an R. :slightly_frowning_face:

Buy a Crystalsky Ultra… its by far the best / brightest screen I have ever had and its not limited for use with only the latest Mavics and Phantoms using Occusync.

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Now - a CS with the built in RC functionality, control sticks and buttons!

I’d sign up!

The one nice thing about the new smart controller is that it’s a no cables/no connections solution … switch on and fly … and it’s compact (which is two things :stuck_out_tongue: ).

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I would have thought as DJI have got all the software and controls for other drones sorted as and is just a case of flicking the switch I know chris @chrisjohnbaker is worried it’s a one horse piece of kit maybe not.
I bought the Osmo pocket and the additional functions that have been added since the launch which is only just over a month ago is why I think they have a lot more up there sleave for the controller

Watch this space (but I have been known to be wrong the wife reminds me all the time, except my decision to marry her?)

Mavic 3 :+1:t2:


Yes me too! :joy: had to dip into the Monopoly funds but I just couldnt resist any longer. Looks spot on. Hopefully tomorrow for delivery too. Although I didnt take much pushing, can I blame @FIREFOX for the exra nudge?! :wink:


Will be really interested in both your thoughts as looking to purchase a Mavic 2 in the next month or so and this is definitely going to be an option to think about

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yes, cant wait to get my hands on it. The more I’ve seen on YT the more it appeals. Just hope it lives upto its billing :+1:

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lol accesoryitis has definetly taken hold of us both…but me? giving you that extra nudge,nah i wouldent do that,honest!!!:rofl::rofl::rofl:

Honestly, my toes were on the edge and then you said youd ordered and that was it. Im just glad you said you hadnt jumped off a cliff or I might have followed there n all! :joy::rofl:


We might need a new badge for you. The “Lemmingitis Badge”. :wink: