New Drone for Me

Finally got my new drone, a parrot Anafi, took it to a local Gaelic football field for its first flight.

thefirst and last ones includes a selfie!


@Rifleair, really nice views, shows it in a natural way, I like it, 2nd pic kind of tells it like it is :sunglasses:

Thanks, its a nice camera


Congrats on the new acquire, we’re slowly building a solid Anafi contingent now :clap:t2:

What’s it like to fly Graham?

And @Rifleair, would you mind updating your profile and adding in the Parrot to the “Drones Owned” section?

It’ll help others, thanks :+1:t2:

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Great to know there’s not just me with the Anafi!
Have had a ton of fun flying and getting images out of it and the image quality is quite great to be honest. I hope you’re satisfied with your new fleet member! Will be more than Happy to Help with any questions on this little beast!

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So far I have found it easy to fly, in film mode a bit slower than the mavic but easier to control. The videos and photo quality is great and although the weather is a bit dull and lacklustre you can still get some great shots,
I wouldn’t call it a fleet though, more a single patrol boat!