New firmware update mavic 2 waypoints


Did the MP waypoints not require you to fly to each waypoint you wanted to set? Waypoints 2.0 was touted to be proper waypoints you could plan in advance.

Don’t think it will affect Litchi as it’s more refined and has a hardcore following from back in the days where Litchi was the only way to get cool features.


Oh yeah same here, v4.3.11 . I’ve literally just updated my M2P and RC 5 mins ago and have noticed that there is no Waypoints.

Guess I’ll have to wait a little longer for Waypoints. Well fiddle-dee-dee.




Is waypoints buggy? I’m getting a couple of errors uploading/downloading including this one that was over the Android app initially but was still there after the app had closed…is it me? Or the software?


Not used it yet, still getting my head around “Litchi” !.
If it is a bug, you can keep it !, i’ll stick with what i have !


I’ll second that :point_up_2: