New flyer West Midlands

Hi everyone. I am new here so be gentle. Had couple of drones for a while but not really had time to get out and fly them. Ready now but have no idea. Looking for safe places to go out and play I am sure I will find some. Ready to learn as much as I can.


welcome dude, where abouts in the west mids are you? and what kinda quads are you flying.

Welcome to GADC fella! Another West Midlander here!


Thanks for the welcome. Looking forward to getting out and flying my quad.

My quad is just a SILUROID. Not got mush airmiles but hope to imprive on that quite soon.

What do you fly?


Thanks. I am in Warwickshire where are you?

I am just a starter and I got a SILUROID. Just getting started.

Welcome to the group :+1:

Wecome Gary. Iā€™m from Coventry. Always up for a meet. Plenty of places to fly :+1:

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Thanks for the warm welcome.
Looking forward to learning a lot and making lots of cool friends.

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Thanks for the warm welcome.

Yeah your just up the road from me. Not much space round here to fly.

Looking forward to catching up soon.


Welcome to the group, this is a fantastic place to find honest advise with loads of extremely helpful members im sure you will find someone local who can help you .

Hey Scottydog

Appreciate the welcome. Looking forward to it.


Hi Gary welcome to GADC !, several Members around your area, try and team up with them for a Meet Up, then they can show you some other types of drones in action.


Thanks for the welcoming advice.

Will check them out.