New from Cumbria


Had my little parrot for a while now 18 months or so, have it registered and have just renewed my operator ID. Also now since new rules are in have booked to do a A2 CofC, that at least gives me 2 years with my current drone. Really like doing still pictures more than videos, though the complete 360 sphere is the anafi’s trademark trick i guess.
Managed a weekend away towards end of last year just to northumberland and was really p*ssed off with the absolute blanket ban on drones from the likes of english heritage (after I had checked the NATS app and Noflydrones)
Hopefully being here will aid in where and how to get some good shots. :smiley:

Hi and welcome GADC.

Ditch the apps you mention, and try our very own Dronescene for all the pre flight planning you need as well as member added places to fly.

Forget what EH say about flying, as long as you don’t take off from their land all is good


I was just going to say that.



Dronescene it is :slight_smile:

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You won’t regret it (I should be on commission)

Do you have any of your panos to share, I do like a good pano

Yeah took 1 this morning, and a 360 i uploaded to kuula
will add it