New goodies arrived

3 batteries and a in car charger plus some attachable lights !


That looks intriguing!

The charger I’ve had for a while now it has a great battery life you can charge up to 8 batteries on 1 single charge and up to 3 batteries at a time
The other photo I’m trying to upload is of the new batteries and in car charger

That’s the charger @OzoneVibe


Holy shit that’s pricey!

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Is there any similar on the market ? I thought for ease on the move it was a decent price

Haha! I’m planning more mountain trekking … I think I wouldn’t move anywhere with that, let alone with ease. :wink:

But I realise that’s probably not your intention.

Only bad thing is it doesn’t fit in my drone case but fits perfectly in the bottom of my backpack with the case on top

What does it weigh? When I’m doing up to 30km of trekking in a day, weight is key.

Cheaper than buying the equivalent in spare batteries though :+1:t2:

Very true

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Without batteries it weighs 2kg


Definitely I paid £210 for 3 batteries and an in car charger

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