New LED's

I bought a pair of bike lights from eBay for the Inspire a couple of weeks ago, they arrived today.
Five lighting modes which you can cycle through, or keep the same one with a long press for off.
Can you guess which one I might use :thinking::laughing:

I removed the sound as it sounded like Darth Vader :rofl:

Have you got a link Richard?

I do Chris but they are out of stock now.

I’ll have a look to see if I can find another seller.


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“Can you guess which one I might use”

Flashing Blue…careful now :eyes: :innocent:


Nope :wink:

If it wouldn’t get me so royally screwed I’d love to have a “police” drone :joy:

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An ultra-light (but still ultra-loud!) siren would be a good addition to that. :wink:

Hi, how did you fix them to the drone?

Made these thought i would use red instead of blue so it didn’t look like i was taking the mickey fluorescent yellow and the red checkers are the reflective stuff used on recovery vehicles

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But no siren. :cry:

They come with an adjustable bracket with a sort of rubber band type fixing.
They also have a quick release for the light on it’s own.

Got a pic of them fitted @MementoMori?

Where will you mount them mate?

Not yet Rich, I will take some when I’m next off work.

Would they go on the bottom of an MP front arms?

Nice,but i think my little mavic air would complain about the weight!

I might get 2 of them on the dash of my van to help me get thru rush hour traffic :joy::joy::joy:

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They would, just, but will be in full view of the camera.

You could go for this.


Hmmm, I was thinking of having them on the bottom of the arms, put the red on the left side pointing forward and blue on the other side and use them for sighting but also helping with orientation as ships use port and starboard, although starboard light is usually green. Maybe they could go on the back arms so as not to interfere with the camera.

The other strobon ones you showed the link for, where would you get the power from?

Thanks for the info though.