New MAS props for DJI FPV

New 3 bladed props for DJI FPV announced by Master Airscrew


Thank you for the info, @MartG1960.

I’ve been sat patiently waiting for anyone in the UK to stock the Aikon adaptors but nothing has been forthcoming.

Hopefully there’ll be some credible reviews on these once they’re released.

Captain Drone has a look at the Ludicrous + props for DJI FPV

Not much of a difference in sound or performance over the standard ludicrous props.

The main difference is that the material used in these is polycarbonate, which is a little more expensive.

I used mine once and the drone crashed through no fault of my own.

Won’t be buying more, it might not be down to the props but I’m not chancing it

I’ve been using the original MA props for the majority of this last year. I’ve not experienced any untoward behaviour but I have noticed an improvement in handling over the OEM props, especially cornering at speed.

I’m happy using PC props on my regular FPV quads as the motors are made to take a bashing. On the DJI FPV drone I’d much prefer the prop to break rather than have the motor being ripped from the plastic mount if I ever crashed it.

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Literally what happened to mine