New mavic mini 2 owner, Thornton Cleveleys, Blackpool

Just bought a drone to have a bit of fun, took it up to scotland for the weekend.

Loving your images and will hopefully learn a thing or two on here.

Thanks for viewing, and hopefully meet up with some of you guys/girls in the future.


:wave: Hi from Thornton :slight_smile:


Hi Martin, where do you fly round here?

With the Mini 2 pretty much anywhere there is something interesting to photograph or film :slight_smile: Have a look at my Youtube channel ( Goldie644 ) for a few of my drone videos

With my Air 2 I’m a bit more limited due it’s greater weight classification ( unless I do an Article 16 risk assessment for a flight ) so tend to use that in less densely populated areas like over the beach or out in the countryside.

I also fly FPV drones, but as I’m still learning how to fly those properly and am lucky to land within 50m of where I’m aiming to alight, I tend to use unoccupied sports fields for them, like King George’s field in Thornton and the identically named field in Fleetwood next to the nautical college, as well as Bispham Gala field next to the college.

Loving 0062!

wish I’d got that shot myself… can see it on my wall right now… :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:

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Great photos love the sunsets and the canal locks …Alan

I can send you the full res image if it’s allowed?


54 looks beautiful but makes my arms hurt just looking at it :rofl:

You’ve captured some fantastic shots there Steve! :+1:

It’s your photo! :blush:

Nice one Thornton from d2 good pictures👍