New Mavic Pro owner Leicestershire

Hey gang
Thought I’d better say hello and kinda introduce myself… I live in a little village in North West Leicestershire…and was inspired to buy a drone by my friend in the UAE… Now I’m finding that the restrictions in this country/county seem to be so restrictive (blanket bans on parks/council property) that I have not even flown anywhere…so I’m looking for places to start my flight … Anyway look forward to getting some tips etc too and making new friends with similar minded droners

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Welcome Bernard.
As you say, there are restrictions, but I’m sure there are many places local to you where you can fly without any problems.
It might be worthwhile having a look here.
Cheers Mick

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Thanks mickydd … It’s just having the confidence to go and do it I think

Nothing wrong with taking a buddy for first couple of flights or go on Youtube and check out first flight checks/flights.
Am sure some members from your area will be along soon.

Hi Bernard!

Welcome to GADC!!!

@mickydd has given you the link to the interactive map, which is a very useful resource.

Getting ones head around where one can and can’t fly takes a while - but the results are totally worth the effort.

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Hey Bernard, welcome to GADC!

Any questions don’t hesitate to ask.

We also have a competition running, feel free to enter.

Hi @Bjsparky and welcome, how far are you from Market Harborough? There’s a BMFA club that I could introduce you to if it’s not too far from you, let me know if you’re interested.

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Hey @Njoro … I’m about 10mins away from east Midlands airport…so probably the furthest north in the county

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Ooops too far :sleepy:

Welcome to THE friendliest club. There are restrictions, but as you say, it’s about confidence. Have you got the NATs app on your phone or iPad, it’ll tell you of any hazards and NFZs in British airspace.

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Hi @Bjsparky and welcome to Grey Arrows my good man :+1:

Welcome, you won’t find a better or more friendly forum…

Hi @Bjsparky,
Welcome to the friendliest Drone Forum !.
If you want any help or advice, there are some super clever peeps on here who will be only too willing to help you on any matters relating to your drone.
Once Again a big welcome from us all !

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Thanks guys really appreciate it… Hopefully I’ll get up and running soon


I agree. I’ts a lovely friendly and helpful forum

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And it’s British , through and through !!
(Puffing out his chest, with a “Stiff Upper Lip”!)