New Member from North Wales

Hi Guys! My name is Tony. I live and fly in North Wales. I have flown for 4 years and have recently gained the A2 CofC. I fly the Phantom 4 Advanced and the Mini 2. I love flying and aerial photography. I feel very lucky to be surrounded by lots of great countryside and coastline. I have only recently been posting on social media and realise I still have so much to learn from everybody.




Welcome Tony … from South Wales :+1: :+1: :+1: :smiley:

Many thanks. I hope to learn a lot from members of GADC! Looks like a great site.

Loads of guys on here with massive experience and only too ready to help :+1: :+1: :+1:

Personally, I rate GADC as THE BEST drone forum on the net - enjoy :+1: :+1: :+1:

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Hello Tony from North Wales, am also living in North Wales based in Holyhead were about you at

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Hi John I live between Pentraeth and Red Wharf Bay. Not flying much at the moment because of the weather and lockdown. Are you managing to fly much?

No just doing a bit of practice in Penrhos park just as I have my GVC course so just keeping busy with that. Hopefully they will ease up the regulations in the near future and we can get out and about again Tony

Where are you up to with your GVC? Have you completed the theory?

Well ready to take it just need to book a day off work as it is only Monday/Friday. Hoping to do it next week with a bit of luck . Did do the A2 CofC last month as well . Learning quite a lot from doing both courses which is good :relieved:

I thought the GVC theory exam was very straight forward. I transferred after being advised to switch from the PfCO training. I am working on the ops manual and practicing for the flight assessment test. Good luck with your theory exam, sounds as if you are well prepared John.

Hi John
How did you get on with your GVC? I fortunately completed my practical 3 weeks ago. Weather has been good for flying on Anglesey so managed to get in a lot of practice.

Hi Tony
Haven’t go round to doing it yet had a day booked but the weather was not good, had to cancel have just started to get myself geared up to rebook for next month.
Not been out much lately with work taking up to much time . But did have a stroll up South Stack this morning not to fly as the weather is not very good, and noticed a drone prohibitive sign up. Can understand it at this time of the year with birds nesting on the cliffs. But to ban it completely think it is wrong . Glad you passed your GVC

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Hi John
Good to hear from you and thank you for your message. Hope you manage to fit in your test soon. I managed to secure my OA from the CAA recently but have not used it yet. Had an interesting flight close to Bryngwran with a Mini 2 ( great little drone!) about a week which is partly within the Valley MATZ. No problem getting permission from Valley but getting the little “bluffer” unlocked by dji was something else! I think unfortunately notices banning drones will become increasingly common in popular spots on the island, which is a great shame. Good look with your test.

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