New member from Swindon, Wiltshire

Hi all, i’ve not long joined GADC, so wanted to ‘hello’. Been dabbling in cheap drones over the past 5 years, but nothing more than stocking fillers. So I decided it’s high time to invest and get something better, and bought myself a Mavic Air 2 for Christmas. Wow :flushed: what a difference!

I knew about the new rules coming in, and was toying with the Mini 2, but really wanted the extra features (active tracking, etc.). So I took my DMARES test, got my flight/operator IDs, passed my A2 CofC and got some insurance. That said … I am complete novice :sweat_smile:

It’s been less than a week so far, so have a lot to learn. I am uploading my progress to my YouTube channel. I’m finding drone flying so much fun and my only regret is not starting earlier. It’s proving costly though, as now my teenage son wants one!

Sod’s law, the new National Lockdown has just kicked in, so I can’t see much flying anytime soon :angry:

Anyway, nice to meet you all, stay safe.


Hi Chris and welcome to GADC

If you haven’t already check out our very own DroneScene for member recommended places to fly, as well as all the tools you need or flight planning

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Thanks for that, I can see i’ll be making good use of this.

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You’ll find this forum incredibly useful… there’s a wealth of knowledge on here and everyone is happy to help.


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